Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Awaiting for a change...!!!

First of all, I am being blessed to be a girl. Though we are in modern era(as everyone says), though education systems have changed to a greater extent, though we can find many women employees in all the sector, is there any independence for women as enjoyed by men? are they allowed to act based on their interest? though her choice is right, does her voice is audible to all?

Still women is identified as weaker sects and we could see her rights have been curbed, her voice is muted, her acts are switched off often. Now, She has started to come out of her barrier. She is climbing up high in many areas. Yesterday, a young women steers chennai's first metro train. 

Abdul kalam 2020 dream does not comes true without the accomplishments of women growth. We are feeling her omnipresence now. But still, is that commandible? Is that enough for today? Still there is hindrance in her activities in various forms.

Men, the so called stronger sects, could not digest the growth of women. He is still finding the new ways for degrading her, disappoint her, weaker her. Again, not all the men. Some who are all not free from their older ideas, speaking as modern though many of the orthodox ideas are inbuilt in their heart and mind, trying many new ways to curb her from growth.

These guys have a notion that they are superior to all their women relatives particularly wife and tries to show their inferior behavior so obviously showing that they are afraid of women's development and growth. 

So, most of the women, in addition to climbing up in her life, she need to spend her precious time in handling these useless guys which is worthless.

When can we expect a change from them? when will they accept there is a real power in all the women? The point here is, they don't need to accept too. But, still we will be really thankful if they do not block her way. 

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  1. Really true...I agree at your point.

  2. Hope the mindset changes and women get equal opportunity in every field..

  3. Great post... Time to change!!!!!!!!!!!