Monday, June 15, 2015

Energezing to start a new life - #MaxFreshMove

Music and dance energizes our life. They can control our mind and inject a positive feeling in us. whenever we are in a trouble, confusion, lethargic, sad, we get a clear thoughts if we hear good music and dance.

Lets see a short story here where a dance and music changes a life of a guy so immensely.

Myself, Shankar, going to complete my final year or I could say, my degree itself after a month. My exams are yet to commence within 2 weeks. But, only soothing option for me is our batch farewell day. My juniors were planning for that. I have no clue on that. But, my friends were close to those juniors and they were telling me that they are giving a hard and smart work for this function to be a grand success and their preparations was going with a big bang.

I was interested on the day as on this, a reunion happens and I can meet my darling Neha who is my junior in other department. She is also working for this farewell day. Once this day got over, I am sure there will be no chance in meeting her again. I was lethargic towards the events which they are preparing for and my friends are awaiting for. Though I am going to complete my final year, still I didn't overcome my fear of expressing my love towards my sweet Neha. One side, my friends was more energetic to participate in the farewell function. Other side, I was awaiting to see my neha.

The day arrived. I was mixed with a bundle of feelings. I was apathetic towards the events, somehow need to wake up my boldness and express at least some words to Neha. This is the last day with my friends. Next day I booked a train to my native. After 2 weeks, straight away need to face the exams. So, if I miss this day, I wont get it in any other. I will miss my love for whole of the life.

Function was scheduled at 3 in the evening. I was praying to god. I was not even tensed this much even before my sem exams. Not even at the time of first day of my college.

Function started with lightening of lamp. I was not in a position to even concentrate in any of the speeches. But, a miracle happened out there. I never expected this much big change will be resulted on me. Actually, juniors arranged for a music and dance party for which star chief guests has been arrived. They are none other than the hyper artists, Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. Seriously, I didnt believe my own eyes. Still, it was happening there out of my control. Their energy passed on to me.

Some wonders happened in me. I became so energetic. Hidden courage arouse in me which made to stand near my lovely darling Neha. She first smiled at me as I was her senior. But, it got changed into staring. Then, my feelings got converted into words filled with my love. I delivered her my small cute poem which I composed for her long back. I could see a mild smile in her face. I was flying in top of the world. But still, I could find myself dancing along with the music and song thinking myself as Allu Arjun. She accepted my love. I was filled with joy.

My lethargic feeling was changed to a most energetic and vivacious way. . I was not realized before that music and dance can make such a wonder in my life. I was literally thanking my juniors who arranged for this party.  

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