Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Care for her Heart..!!! #ProtectHerHeart

I have seriously wondered about a person again and again. Though she is unemployed and stays at home, she will be working for full time. She will be engaged with many activities all the time. I could say, she is a ring master. All the time, we used to act according to her commands. Sometimes, I also feel that I am relieved as she is thinking about me and making proper plan for me. So, why do I need to worry.

She is my mother. She is amazing. She does multi tasking. She keeps up time.

At the time of my marriage, I have several time questioned myself that am I suitable to be a home maker? Can I do all the work did by my mother at my home? Can I be that responsible and take care of everyone at my home? How vital is this to be an all rounder at home?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Shoot in the building

The A&B Building was made entirely from driftwood. 

I am so thrilled to take up this work.

"Nancy, Can you go around the building and look for the proper position of the shots? also, get ready with the scripts. From next week, shooting needs to be started" My director instructed me.

"Yes sir.. Sure.."

"Get all the information about the haunting story of the spirit of the boxing guy, John, who is believed to be living here still"

"Ok Sir"

He left the place.

After having discussion with some of the people living around there, I came towards my laptop and started documenting all the stories which the people shared with me.

Suddenly, I could feel someone touching me with a boxing gloves!!!!!!!

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

My True Elation...!!!

I am an emotional person. I am so sensitive and could not control my tears at any time, even at any place. 

I was entering the room with more nervousness. I was telling my self that I should not let my tears come out there. Also, I was informing myself that I should not show my worries and stress towards them. 

Two girls came and took me to the other building where they were all actually sheltered. My heart were still more heavy. But, praying to God as not to let my tears, entered.

As I was progressing, a crowd of children came towards me. Everyone called me with different types of relations as sister, mother, aunt etc. I was carried away with their relationship. My worries and inhibitions were broken by their innocence. I served food to them. I have no mind to leave from there. Everyone were telling different innocent stories which were all coming from their heart.

Those children were abandoned by their families with many reasons. Also, they are all mentally challenged. 

I could find that as the place where humanity is filled and absence of humanity

I was in Arunodhayam orphanage where these children were taken care with good efforts. Based on each and every child's needs, medical aids are given and also, they are provided with good personal care. 
Special educators were also assigned for them and they were taught many things as per their ability. They were all so disciplined.

Many donors are also visiting them in the regular basis which is eliminating those children's pain and worries. 

After my first visit to the place, my thinking went so deep. Whenever I get time, I will visit there and be with the children. Also, for all the special occasions in my family, we will be celebrating with these children which will give us a satisfaction and true elation.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Breaking the rules...

I am standing here, in my beloved friend's funeral with abjection.

Yesterday night, he was driving in the over-bridge. Opposite vehicles, which were all broken the rules of speed and their vehicle's headlight, coming up in a hurry. 

His Vision went unclear and he could not see the vehicles which is propelling towards him. He went Pathetic. Though he is righteous,  as the opposite motorist didn't follow the rules, he met in a disaster.

He was hit on the wall and went sedative. He is no more now. 

My heart is heavy. I was mixed with anger and depression.

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O My Dear.. !!!

Be true to your voice, O My dear,
And express how precious our love is!!

Be true to your voice, O My dear,
And Flood me like a lone streetlight amongst the darkness!!

Be true to your voice, O My dear,
And delight me with Fluidity of your presence!!

Be true to your voice, O My dear,
And leave me speechless with your care and affection!!

Be true to your voice, O My dear,
And present me with the craved images of you!!

Be true to your voice, O My dear,
And fascinate me with your true and caring love lifelong!!

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Maya Film Review

Production: Potential Studios 
Cast: Nayanthara, Aari, Amzath Khan, Lakshmi Priya, Mime Gopal, Robo Shankar 
Direction, Screenplay & Story: Ashwin Saravanan 
Music & Background score: Ron Yohan 
Cinematography: Sathyan Sooryan 
Editing: TS Suresh 
Art direction: Tha. Ramalingam 

Unfulfilled desire of a soul will transform it to be a ghost which in turn will act further to fulfill its desire. The same fact revolves around this movie. Maya mathews, who died in an Asylum located at Mayavanam, have a desire of seeing her kid. As she is seperated from her baby within a week of her birth, she was so depressed and attempts for suicide. As a ghost, she is still in Mayavanam and killing all those people who were entering there.

RK Studios comes up with a movie which revolves around Mayavanam in the name of "Irul".

Nayanthara played the lead role as Apsara. She is a single parent with an year old kid, Meera. Due to her financial problem, she is living with her friend swathi who is working in RK studios and she attends the audition there and also gets selected. She was acting in some ad films. She could find some power was following herself and her baby when they were left alone.

RK Studio announces a promotional contest for their film "Irul". They are ready to offer 5 lakhs who sees the movie alone with five more conditions. As she was betrayed by one of the producer of ad films, and also she was pressurized by the financial shortage, she agrees to see the horror film alone.

While she is seeing the movie, suddenly, two hands cover her eyes from behind and she finds herself in "Mayavanam". A totally clueless Apsara starts to walk through the forest. 

What is the relation between Apsara and Maya? why she is taken to mayavanam? Did she came back or left there? Did she got any financial help after? 

The movie answers to all these questions. 

Toggling between the black and white picture and color to differentiate between the plots was worked out very well.

Background score was so effective and adds more horror to the movie. 

Director provided good justice to his story and he have used Nayanthara's good acting skills. All others too were excellent and perfectly fits in the movie. Debut director has proved his cinematic skills in his first movie and moved all the audiences towards him. 

Though some part is predictable, and a bit length before climax, the film was wonderful. He has mixed emotional at a proper ratio with the horror. Even after the movie ends, most of the scenes were lingering in our minds, thinking about many connections which was all a good sign for the success of this story.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Courage to kill Loneliness

She lived in a mango tree and continues to live. She was fighting with the loneliness, which is paining her a lot. 

The day, when she saw the true face of her son, the widow mother was literally broken. She was dismayed with her son's boorish behavior and abusive words. 

Once after he started earning, the money he is earning bought him the self pride and ego in him which made him to deliver these words. 

Once she decided to part from her son, she got a beautiful house in the mango tree and moved there with her things. She stared at the window which has a bird art. She envied it and started a new life. 

She is a bold lady but she was afraid of being alone. Now, she became still more courageous as Raymond Lindquist says courage is the power to let go of the familiar.

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Height of Ignorance

The height of ignorance which is man made is RACISM. Racism is something which is not born with us. But, the one which is taught and we learnt knowingly or unknowingly. The fact is we all belong to only one race "Human Race" and no other discrimination should be there in the form of color, sex or etc etc.

As the famous quote of Abraham Lincoln states "Achievement has no color". We, all the human beings are born for achieving something in our life. We need to be helpful for at least some people. We all need to be a reason for the development of our race but not for their destruction or discrimination.

Color, caste, creed and so on does not help us in any way. We need to walk in the path of achieving our goal and not to believe all these types of hindrance which will be a true destruction for us.

Height of ignorance; Elevation of racism

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Friday, September 18, 2015

The closed door..!!!

Morning alarm rang. Its 7. Oh!, its time for the factory alarm. He rushed towards the plant. Yeah. Bell rang. 

He was so interested to see those noxious smoke going up towards the sky gently. He likes to see its slow disappearance.

After some time, he returned to his home. He has this routine daily in the morning and evening. 

Suddenly, due to some haphazard movements, the factory got closed and worker's labored efforts went fruitless. 

Still in eager, he used to return once in a week to check if he could see those smoke and hear the alarm again.

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Quotes moulding me..!!

Education is the key for all to open the door of our inner knowledge and make us come out of our ignorance. This is the strong basement which needs to be made perfect so that we all travel in a good and right path. With God's grace, I had a good basement from a school which was oriented with Swami Vivekanandha's sayings. We used to celebrate January 12, birthday of swami vivekandha, as a big day. We would be asked to deliver a speech about his sayings.

All his quotes were so inspiring. His sayings will be thought provoking. Everyone would be filled with cheerfulness and enthusiasm once we hear his inspirational quotes. Pessimistic thoughts will be vanished fully and will be replaced with optimistic thinking.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Change is perpetual..!!!

Indian Bloggers

Joy is dynamic and diverse

Joy varies from person to person

Joy changes from moment to moment

Cried baby jumps with Joy 
when he got his doll

Hungry tummy gets elated
when it is satisfied with tasty food 

Drained soul gets rejuvenated
when it gets appreciation from his boss

Fatigued mind gets overjoyed 
when the guy got acceptance for his love proposal

Distressed body gets reinvigorate and delighted
when it travels and good sightseeing 

Kick off the work of seeking our inner joy 
synchronically while we are exploring our lives

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Celebrating Engineering Day in India

Happy Engineers day today...  

Do we all know what is all about? How it got emerged? Why we are celebrating it? Read here to know more.

To respect and to make a tribute to the first and greatest engineer of India, Visvesvaraya, "Engineers Day" in India is celebrated in his birthday September 15th of every year. 

About Visvesvaraya:

Sri Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya was born on September 15th, 1861. He is the first person to complete the engineering course in India from the College of Science, Pune. After completing his course, he started working in PWD department of Mumbai. 

He implemented an extremely complicated system of irrigation in the Deccan area. He also designed and patented a system of automatic weir water floodgates that were first installed in 1903 at the Khadakvasla Reservoir near Pune. Based on the success of these gates, the same system was installed at the Tighra Dam in Gwalior and the Krishna Raja Sagara (KRS) Dam in Mysore,Karnataka. KRS dam, constructed under his supervision, was the biggest reservoir in Asia when it was built.

After seeing his knowledge, the Government of India sent him to Aden to study water supply and drainage system and the project prepared by him was implemented in Aden successfully. 

He was rightly called "The Father of modern Mysore state". He also served as The Diwan of Mysore.  

He is known not only for his knowledge in engineering but also as a person and his discipline. He is sincere and punctual. He also followed time management and dedication to a cause. Also, he is courageous and a true patriot.

After India attained independence, he was awarded with the nation's highest honour, the Bharat Ratna, in 1955

Each and every year the celebration of the Engineer's Day revolves around a central theme that is notified to all states and local centers. This year's theme is "Engineering Challenges for Knowledge Era".

We, the youngsters of India, need to be urged not only to pursue the degree and its certificates, but also the practical and implementation knowledge, which actually will be useful all the time. 

Cheers.. !!!

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Monday, September 14, 2015

The dollhouse of the witch

From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by. She was so disappointed as she could not find any strangers crossing her house for the past 2 weeks. 

She was craving to play her villainous action as she did in the previous times.

Once, a strange handsome young boy, who missed his way, was coming towards the witch's house when she was waiting for the one in her balcony. She was so happy and went down as a pretty girl. 

The boy flattered with her beauty. The girl held his hands so smoothly.  The boy, as a robot, followed her. 

She took him to the room upstairs where she had an old dollhouse. The real old witch came out of the pretty girl, The boy feared and wanted to run. yet, he had no options. 

She changed the boy as an entryway to her dollhouse and fixed to it as she did for other parts in her dollhouse.

Word Count: 149

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Friday, September 11, 2015

I was inspired by my dream...!!!

The Toughest part of all students life. Everyone need to undergo this stage. Can you all guess what? yes. I am referring to the moment when we start think about our under-graduation course. Everyone would be left in a dilemma. But, this dilemma will be growing stronger and stronger when there is an interruption from others.

Once I was done with my higher secondary exams, everyone started deciding about my graduation course. I have a clear clear dream of becoming a software engineer. From the school days, I will be longing for computer and I was good at programming. Hence, I was constantly thinking myself as a programmer. 

From my plus one days, I started seeing myself as a software engineer working in a big IT company, in fully air-conditioned room, a separate computer assigned for me, in a separate bay, guiding others for programming.

After completing the exams, I revealed my desire to my family. I could see a variety of reaction from all of them. Except my mother, uncle and grand mother, everyone were against me. Only reason for their opposition is, as we are a middle class, we don't have money to afford for engineering. 

Everyone's easiest option was to quit me from my dream and they were urging me to take up any other arts group. They forced me to erase all my dreams as though considering that as a simple drawing drawn wrongly. They didn't realize that it is not that easy to wipe out my inner feelings. 

I was an outstanding student with good marks. Good programmer. But, just because I am deprived of money, do I need to delete my dreams? is that be fair? Absolutely not. We could find the real face of our relatives and friends when we suffer. We do found out those. Many came to help me other than relations. 

Thanks to God for giving this opportunity to find out the true face of them. I realized, when there is truth, courage, perseverance and validity in our dreams, our dreams will take up a good shape and our dreams will come to success for sure.  

Yes, Now, I am a software engineer working in a big IT company, in fully air-conditioned room, a separate computer assigned for me, in a separate bay, guiding others for programming. My dream got a picture. 

I was inspired by me. I was inspired by my dream. I was inspired to follow my dreams then on.

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This is my Life...!!!

L is for Love.. L is for Life.. Love your Life and Enjoy each and every moment of it.. 

Img Courtesy: Google Images

How we forget 
      Life is a peculiar teacher,
         she gives the exam first and the lessons last

How we forget 
      Life is a game,
          we need to play carefully else we will be thrown out

How we forget
      Life is a melodious song,
          We can enjoy the rhythm of the music 

How we forget 
      Life is a journey,
          and is filled up with fun and enjoyment

How we forget 
      Life is a roller-coaster ride,
         lot of unexpected twists and turns happens 

How we forget 
      Life is an invisible race,
         where we need to run fast and steady to chase our goal

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

On one evening..........

I have been through some terrible things in my life,  some of which actually happened. Those are not vanished in my memory still.

There was a small mountain near by our home where myself and my little daughter were living. In the morning, I will be going for work and in the evening, we both spend time with each other. She will be sharing everything happened in her school and I will be sharing those happened in my work. 

One fine evening, we took some snacks, started walking in the mountain. Enjoying the cool breeze and the snacks in hand, we were going on our walk. 

Without our knowledge, we reached a line after which we are not supposed to go. But, my daughter, curiously started asking me that how about crossing the border. Once, I denied her and told it will not be safer for us. But still, she was so interested to go there. 

I accepted it and we both crossed the border. After some time, she shouted and started to glimmer. I was struck up in panic and am not sure what to do next. 

Within a minute, I regained myself and rotated my head all around. I could see a tail of snake going on there, which made her fatal

I prayed God. Suddenly, I got an idea of covering the wound with my shawl. I lifter her up and carried her around my shoulder. Ran down so fast.

Reached the doctor in my town. She started her treatment immediately which made my daughter, my only support in the world, alive.

I realized God is impartial towards all. He does not need money rather than the truthfulness. Every person are equal to him. 

I thanked him whole-heartedly. Also, after this incident, our village people built up a door in the border line and closed it completely. 

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The Perfect love..!!

He & She met each other.

Chemistry and all  kind of science worked out in them.

They both joined for their wedding which made their bonding still more strong and the word perfect is added before the couple.

Time ran so fast, they both finished their duties of life with lots of love and delight.

One day came, when his soul parted from his body, and as a consequence, her's too detached.

Even in the heaven, they continued to be the perfect one's.

cue is perfect

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Real Purgatory.. !!

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The lord's shadow nears,
woe dissipates

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True Enlightenment..

I am happy to write my first story with six words.. Here, I came with my words.. 

Img Courtesy: Google Images

Rays of enlightenment showered, anxiety faded

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Nostalgic memories..

As her mount shifted uneasily under her, she grasped the brim of her old felt Stetson, gazed upwards and remembered Jean Pierre. 

Tears were rolling down.

Lauren, first met Jean in "Smiley Studio" where she was working as a manager. Jean joined as a photographer. After days passed out, Lauren realized Jean was her right match. 

A cute love proposal happened and they both started living together. They shared everything. 

Every weekend went on with a trip and lauren was looking still more beautiful with the shot of Jean.

A small misunderstanding came as a sword to break their relationship. Once after realization, Lauren tried reaching Jean. No positive results.

Now she realized better to lose the argument not the person.

Word count: 99

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Self-Inspiration - A way to success..!!!

‘Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.‘ – George Bernard Shaw 

Whenever we were assigned any task, set up any goal, wish for anything to achieve, the first set of questions which we will be left with is Will I? or Can I? These questions leads to a big devastation and spoils our whole achievement. Just rephrase those questions and make an assured statement saying "I will" and "I can"

How positive will it be? How energetic it is? The positive energy because of this self inspiration will guide us in a right path for the achievement. 

First thing which we need to start up with, is to have a smart goal. Once the goal is set, strive to achieve it with good thoughts which is the key to success. 

Most of the achievers in the life is not the person who is born with a silver spoon. They are all not provided with all the luxurious things and comforts. All of them have worked hard towards their goal and achieved it. 

God is a wiser person who won't give all the necessaries at once when we are born. We are all given a big task to achieve in our life. We don't know the clue what the task assigned to us is and we also were not provided with all the necessaries at the time of birth. But, for sure he will be with our side and makes all the help that we need. At the same time, we have to put our effort with self inspiration which will motivate us and guide us in a good way.

As Lord Krishna says in Gita, 

"Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana, 
Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani

'Do your duty and be detached from its outcome, do not be driven by the end product, enjoy the process of getting there.'

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Though we have inspiration around us, if we are not inspired within ourself, it will be a failure. We need to charge ourself with the help of self motivation battery and inspire within to achieve bigger. 

The self inspiration is the reason for the birth of all the chick from its egg. The inspiration and the force within which the chick will exert inside is the reason for its birth. The same way, our inspiration will leads for our re-birth with the great achievement.

Img Coutesy: Google Images
Img Coutesy: Google Images
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The Real Prosperity..

A big building. Big rooms. Those who are all staying there were billionaires. 

Still, Isaac, staying in the building was alone. He could not bear the pain of desolation and loneliness inside. 

Though he was surrounded with many, He could feel some dishonesty in their words, falseness in their face, flaws in their behaviors. He felt a true bitterness as a billionaire.

His suffering came to an end when he got a flash of thought. He transferred his property to an orphanage and went there to serve them. 

He felt the real happiness and truthfulness of life there.

Word count: 100

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Happy Krishna Jayanthi to all..

He is a black guy,
Still alluring

He is a short one

Still Glamorous and Handsome

He is a mischievous fellow

Still we all love him

He troubles us a lot

Still wont let us down

He mocks us and make fun of all
Still we all will be tied with his smile

He is a lord
Still we could dedicate friendliness to him rather than worship

Yes. All gals will fall in love with him at first sight.. All guys will be moved with him. He is my cute little Krishna. Wish him happy birthday.

Happy Krishna Jayanthi to all.. 

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