Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Care for her Heart..!!! #ProtectHerHeart

I have seriously wondered about a person again and again. Though she is unemployed and stays at home, she will be working for full time. She will be engaged with many activities all the time. I could say, she is a ring master. All the time, we used to act according to her commands. Sometimes, I also feel that I am relieved as she is thinking about me and making proper plan for me. So, why do I need to worry.

She is my mother. She is amazing. She does multi tasking. She keeps up time.

At the time of my marriage, I have several time questioned myself that am I suitable to be a home maker? Can I do all the work did by my mother at my home? Can I be that responsible and take care of everyone at my home? How vital is this to be an all rounder at home?

One day came when we were all at shock. We were all broken when we heard that she got a pain in her heart. 

Always she will put us first and be working all the time for the welfare of us. Now, we all decided that it’s time to put her first and take care of her health, her heart health.

We also came to know about a shocking fact that for every 4 women, 2 is out of risk of heart problems. But, each and every problem has a solution. Likewise, this heart problem has a cure. Daily 30 minutes walk can improve the fitness level for sure and it is also a simple yet significant step towards our health.

Once after this incident and hearing about this fact, my husband became too cautious. It is said that, "Better late than never". So, He turned attention on me. 

Daily, he used to take my son to a park near by. It has good area for walking too. So, he started taking me too there and we are having a good time. Daily, at least for one hour, we used to spend there. Half an hour, I will be playing with my son. Other half an hour for walking around the park. This is it. My son is enjoying to the core. At the same time, my health and heart also growing better day by day. 

A Husband and wife relationship is one of the inevitable, enjoyable and pleasant relationship in our life time. As a quote says, "Its a relationship where we talk like best friends, play like kids, argue like husband and wife and protect each other like siblings.". I am blessed to have a one like that. 

So, this is the time for all ladies to wake up.. A day comprising of 24 hours. Do ensure at least we spend one hour a day for our self and our family which help in our health and also increases our family bonding.

Go through this link here and spend your minutes of time for the weight-heart test. Check your BMI and results displayed over there and plan accordingly.

Take care your heart which is precious for your family.. :-)

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  1. Very important .. totake care of health.. it is on TOP of my list