Monday, September 28, 2015

Shoot in the building

The A&B Building was made entirely from driftwood. 

I am so thrilled to take up this work.

"Nancy, Can you go around the building and look for the proper position of the shots? also, get ready with the scripts. From next week, shooting needs to be started" My director instructed me.

"Yes sir.. Sure.."

"Get all the information about the haunting story of the spirit of the boxing guy, John, who is believed to be living here still"

"Ok Sir"

He left the place.

After having discussion with some of the people living around there, I came towards my laptop and started documenting all the stories which the people shared with me.

Suddenly, I could feel someone touching me with a boxing gloves!!!!!!!

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  1. When a story comes to life then the real drama begins. An interesting one.

  2. whoa...he's going to tell his story :) well-penned

  3. When the story is alive it is really so.

  4. Story of a boxer who drifted away to a driftwood building. I like your take on this one.

  5. Hauntingly creepy! Great story! Appears the boxing guy ghost wants to tell his story! Great combination of two prompts.

  6. Ooooh. I guess it's true about that ghost. :)

  7. What a story! Well done Hema! I appreciate your entry into theMondays Finish the Story Challenge. Be well... ^..^

  8. The thirteenth round , Reuben

  9. ... I love ghost tours in historic towns... but if i EVER felt a touch and no one was there... well. I wouldn't be as cool, calm, and collected as Nancy seems to be.

  10. "Surprise! You looked like you were getting sleepy!"

    [Very imaginative story!]