Thursday, September 10, 2015

On one evening..........

I have been through some terrible things in my life,  some of which actually happened. Those are not vanished in my memory still.

There was a small mountain near by our home where myself and my little daughter were living. In the morning, I will be going for work and in the evening, we both spend time with each other. She will be sharing everything happened in her school and I will be sharing those happened in my work. 

One fine evening, we took some snacks, started walking in the mountain. Enjoying the cool breeze and the snacks in hand, we were going on our walk. 

Without our knowledge, we reached a line after which we are not supposed to go. But, my daughter, curiously started asking me that how about crossing the border. Once, I denied her and told it will not be safer for us. But still, she was so interested to go there. 

I accepted it and we both crossed the border. After some time, she shouted and started to glimmer. I was struck up in panic and am not sure what to do next. 

Within a minute, I regained myself and rotated my head all around. I could see a tail of snake going on there, which made her fatal

I prayed God. Suddenly, I got an idea of covering the wound with my shawl. I lifter her up and carried her around my shoulder. Ran down so fast.

Reached the doctor in my town. She started her treatment immediately which made my daughter, my only support in the world, alive.

I realized God is impartial towards all. He does not need money rather than the truthfulness. Every person are equal to him. 

I thanked him whole-heartedly. Also, after this incident, our village people built up a door in the border line and closed it completely. 

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  1. Interesting story, I liked it. Thank you for linking it to In Other Words.

  2. Hema, thanks for joining in with my blog meme on Wednesday. Great story and use of all the words.

  3. You did well with this story and the ways you linked to it. Well done.