Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Maya Film Review

Production: Potential Studios 
Cast: Nayanthara, Aari, Amzath Khan, Lakshmi Priya, Mime Gopal, Robo Shankar 
Direction, Screenplay & Story: Ashwin Saravanan 
Music & Background score: Ron Yohan 
Cinematography: Sathyan Sooryan 
Editing: TS Suresh 
Art direction: Tha. Ramalingam 

Unfulfilled desire of a soul will transform it to be a ghost which in turn will act further to fulfill its desire. The same fact revolves around this movie. Maya mathews, who died in an Asylum located at Mayavanam, have a desire of seeing her kid. As she is seperated from her baby within a week of her birth, she was so depressed and attempts for suicide. As a ghost, she is still in Mayavanam and killing all those people who were entering there.

RK Studios comes up with a movie which revolves around Mayavanam in the name of "Irul".

Nayanthara played the lead role as Apsara. She is a single parent with an year old kid, Meera. Due to her financial problem, she is living with her friend swathi who is working in RK studios and she attends the audition there and also gets selected. She was acting in some ad films. She could find some power was following herself and her baby when they were left alone.

RK Studio announces a promotional contest for their film "Irul". They are ready to offer 5 lakhs who sees the movie alone with five more conditions. As she was betrayed by one of the producer of ad films, and also she was pressurized by the financial shortage, she agrees to see the horror film alone.

While she is seeing the movie, suddenly, two hands cover her eyes from behind and she finds herself in "Mayavanam". A totally clueless Apsara starts to walk through the forest. 

What is the relation between Apsara and Maya? why she is taken to mayavanam? Did she came back or left there? Did she got any financial help after? 

The movie answers to all these questions. 

Toggling between the black and white picture and color to differentiate between the plots was worked out very well.

Background score was so effective and adds more horror to the movie. 

Director provided good justice to his story and he have used Nayanthara's good acting skills. All others too were excellent and perfectly fits in the movie. Debut director has proved his cinematic skills in his first movie and moved all the audiences towards him. 

Though some part is predictable, and a bit length before climax, the film was wonderful. He has mixed emotional at a proper ratio with the horror. Even after the movie ends, most of the scenes were lingering in our minds, thinking about many connections which was all a good sign for the success of this story.

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