Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dedication for my Love !!!!

Relationship - an important factor to make our life going on. Not all the relationship are perfect. Moreover, perfect relationship is absurd. If the relationship is perfect and without any flaws, there is a big issue in it. Some disloyal and dishonesty is going on which need to be taken care.

Many a times, I am a person who cannot keep anything in heart. I am very much frank and also I need to share everything I found to everyone. Do everyone like this? Do everyone accept it? Do everyone who hears are in the same page of understanding? I am not sure. But, I need to speak. I need to express my thoughts. I wont be caring of the consequences.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tribute to our Real Hero...!!!

Indian Bloggers

I am starting this post with a heavy heart. My eyes are filled with tears. Still, I could not believe in the news which I heard. We lost our pride of the nation. Our hope has gone.

The man with positive energy and thoughts, the man who redefined the meaning for dream, the man known for his simplicity,  man of missile, ever busy man, started to take his rest. APJ Abdul Kalam passed away. He is 11th President of India. He is the icon of youth.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Touch me not....!!!

Everyone would have come across one of the plant which has a different  behavior, The touch me not plant. The touch me not plant is a herb whose leaves go limp and droop when exposed to touch, but re-opens several minutes later. 
I have been correlating this attitude towards an important part in our body. That part is very vital to handle us in all the situation. Also it is as brittle as a glass. Fragile as a dream. A person. Whoever he may be. He may be introvert or extrovert. Optimist or pessimist. Theist or Atheist. Everyone are reacting based on it. Can you grasp which part I am pointing to. Can you understand which part I am referring to. Yes. It is our heart. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Don't want? Just throw it away..!!!

One of the tedious but inevitable work in our day to day life is cleaning. Cleaning is as important job as our heart and mind also relies on it. We can be in a calm and peaceful feelings only in a clean and good atmosphere. Consider we are in a room filled up with many clothes, books scattered here and there, water spilled up in the floor, toys occupying some more places and so on. How will our mind will be? We feel stressful and will lose our patience too.

If we are given a tough option to clean a shelf, for example, what will we tend to do first. We will be arranging the things in the shelf properly to make sure it will be clean and properly organized. But, have you experienced cleaning the shelf by having an algorithm. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Haiku: Sorry!!!

Five letter word
Gateway for committing mistakes
simple sorry without rectifying fault!!!!

As the days are becoming so modern, we are also forgetting the meaning of many words. Now a days, that too so recently, I am coming across a word which made me think too much. I have been showering with that word so often. I could also feel that the actual meaning of the word is completely went forgotten.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Delicious healthy nourishing diet.. !!!

Mother is born when a child for her is born. When the mother in me was slowly growing along with my son, I was passing the days with full of admiration and wonders. I could see a lot of hyper in him. His IQ is in extra ordinary level. I find it very difficult for me to cope up with. He comes up with new questions always which I will be struggling to answer. This is the common incident happening between us so frequently. 

We both enjoy sharing our feelings and emotions. More than a mother - child relationship, we both are a good friends. We both play together, watch TV and share our thoughts between us, he will say whatever happens in the school and so on.. 

As a mother, I have only 2 options left with. One is I need to grow and learn along with him. Other is I need to play a responsible role and have to feed him with proper nutrients which will help him in his IQ growth and brain development properly. First one, yes. I am doing this. Having good grasping power, he can grab any new things, ideas and concepts in a fraction of seconds. He has a complete knowledge of animals in this age which makes me awestruck. Many a times, he will be guiding me with proper solution with a cute smile. I am enjoying my motherhood.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sweet diet to make us fit.. !!!

"Slow and steady wins the race". This formula is very much suitable when we go for diet. Many of us, (including me) will be in a hurry, sets up a less target of 1 week or 2, rush up with a crash diet which makes the situation even more worse. As we know, "Haste makes waste", rushing to reduce our weight and following the diet with crash diet will end up with a confusion. We have lot of natural diets option which we need to follow. But, the problem here is we need to follow it slowly and continuously which gives the result steadily.

Dieting, first of all, is misunderstood by many people. Most of the people are in a notion that dieting is skipping our food to stay healthy. This is only a myth and if followed, we will be end up with paying bills in hospital. We will be losing our stamina and will not be in a position to take up any work. Our situation become worse.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Surf & Get it instantly..!!!

Trend is changing too fast. Everyone are running out of time. Each and everyone is in a hurry in this technical world. They cant even waste a minute. All are using their smart phones with latest versions. In a fraction of second, we are loaded with any type of information which we need. 

Leaving beside all the news, there is one news which acts as a ring master to all. When that season comes, everyone will be too eager and also ready to spend any time for it. Let it be morning, evening or night. Some one also put a vacation for it based on any important cases. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Get ready to child lock your smartphone.. !!!

I have seen many parents saying proudly that their kid who is lesser than 5 years will be playing happily with their smart phone. They will add up to their conversation that, their son/daughter can't be without the smart phone with net connection. That time, I can only worry for them as they are guiding the small kid in an erroneous way. 

We all would have come across a funny ad where a child yet to be born will order God for wifi connection at home. This seems to be funny. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Papanasam review

After vishwaroopam, I had a great time in seeing the movie Papanasam. Known fact is, this film is the remake of the malayalam hit drishyam casted by mohan lal and meena. In tamil, our favorite star, Dr. Kamal hassan played the leading role along with his real pair Gowthami tadimalla. 

This film is the family drama with thriller genre. Mainly, the plot runs between two families, Suyambulingam's (Kamal) and IG Geetha Prabhakar's (Asha Sharath). Also, this film sets an alarm for all the parents in raising their children properly.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Unforgettable breathless moment..

No college life is fulfilled without the bunking. No planning commission will be thinking like the college students to plan about the bunking of the college classes. This is the word which gives overjoy for all the students. This word have the power of uniting all the students. We were no exemption. 

When I joined my college, for the first year we were all so obedient. Showcasing our self as if we are too studious, disciplined and blah blah blah. Then came the second year. We were so thrilled as we became seniors. We thought as if a big power came to us. And, also we were creating many reasons for bunking. One good way for bunking is symposium. Symposium is nothing but the college event where students from many college goes to the host college, participates in event conducted by the host college students, collects the gifts if won, have good food there, spends time happily bunking the college, get rid of same old lectures and it goes on. How many advantages right. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Letter to my Lord..!!

Hi dear,

         I have been postponing this thanks letter for so long. But, I think this is the correct time to deliver it for you.      
First of all, I am thanking you for protecting my soul for so long. And, for this life too. I am feeling your support continuously. You are my shadow, you have stood beside me at any time till now. Whenever I fall, I have a confidence that you will be with me to lift me up. whenever there is a problem, I know you are next to me.