Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Surf & Get it instantly..!!!

Trend is changing too fast. Everyone are running out of time. Each and everyone is in a hurry in this technical world. They cant even waste a minute. All are using their smart phones with latest versions. In a fraction of second, we are loaded with any type of information which we need. 

Leaving beside all the news, there is one news which acts as a ring master to all. When that season comes, everyone will be too eager and also ready to spend any time for it. Let it be morning, evening or night. Some one also put a vacation for it based on any important cases. 

Are you getting my point? Are you getting what I am mentioning here? yes. the same one. this is cricket which is one of the point ensuring equality among indians. We, the Indians are diverse in nature. We have several languages, we have several caste, creed, color, religion and so on. But, there is only some options which binds us together. Cricket is one among that. Once cricket season is started, everyone will be united as a whole as Indians and everyone need time to time update related to the score.

Though Indian national game is Hockey, We are too much close to our game Cricket. In particular, if there is any important and interesting matches, we even bunk our office, college and even schools. Whole family reunion happens before the television where we will be enjoying to the core.we can hear scoldings from many house wife who will be scolding that her serials are in a break. but there is a tremendous changes happening now as ladies and girls are also addicted to the cricket like anything. 

Just think of the day when world cup is going on. that too India Vs Pakistan. Do anyone think of going to office in that day? How bad is that right? Though we have a release or any important work, our mind will be thinking wholeheartedly about the cricket and it scores than our manager shouting at us. we will be wishing a day leave on that day at least.

How awesome will it be if we could know at least live score update then and there without any delay or any server issues? Though it is not the proper solution, but it will be soothing for us. It will make us happy and we will be chatting with the score update as though we are seeing them playing.

Understanding our problem, UC Browser came up with an excellent solution. With an amazing UI, we have many icons in the dashboard which we can see it here. It is providing easy access to many frequently used sites which makes our browsing easier.

In case of the cricket, we also get notification in our notification area which serves us a better option to know about the cricket score now and then.

We can also change the theme. News are accommodated in the live update of the cricket score.

As cricketer yuvraj singh has been a regular user of UC Browser and its related apps, he started contributing to give suggestions to UCWeb on ways to improve its cricketing app, UC Cricket. Hence, he has been appointed as the brand ambassador of UC Browser.

UC browser also came up with many new features. Some of which is includes wonderful and ease UI, supporting night mode, controlling video with gestures, customising themes and so on. 

So, why waiting? come on.. start using this browser coming up with user friendly package which is already awaiting for us to serve more.

Here's the link for UCWeb

 UC Cricket.
 UC Browser


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