Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sweet diet to make us fit.. !!!

"Slow and steady wins the race". This formula is very much suitable when we go for diet. Many of us, (including me) will be in a hurry, sets up a less target of 1 week or 2, rush up with a crash diet which makes the situation even more worse. As we know, "Haste makes waste", rushing to reduce our weight and following the diet with crash diet will end up with a confusion. We have lot of natural diets option which we need to follow. But, the problem here is we need to follow it slowly and continuously which gives the result steadily.

Dieting, first of all, is misunderstood by many people. Most of the people are in a notion that dieting is skipping our food to stay healthy. This is only a myth and if followed, we will be end up with paying bills in hospital. We will be losing our stamina and will not be in a position to take up any work. Our situation become worse.

So, what does the word or concept of dieting means? Dieting is nothing but the proper intake of all the nutrients necessary for our human body in a single day based on our work. Say for example, for sedentary working women of age 22 will require 2000 calories per day. Click here for your reference.

Proper intake of many ayurvedic and natural food provide us a good, safe and reliable results. The best option in pure honey which we are getting as Dabur honey. Honey is a good agent for both who is looking to become thin and thick. Pure Honey has natural antibacterial properties that can help improve overall healthy and recover from infections.

We can give a healthy start to our day by taking a spoon of Dabur honey in a warm water. For the persons who are in quest of a healthy diet, dabur honey came up with a healthy natural diet planner based on our body mass index involving the sweetness of honey. Just a 3 click. We can end up with a good solution. To know more.. Click here.

Facing exams too is easy for me. But, facing diet plan and being in diet is the toughest part in my life. As everyone does, I will take up a crash diet for a temporary solution by which I usually end up with many disorders. Whereas now, with this proper diet and sweet plan as prescribed, I am awaiting soon to follow this. Also, with the sweetness of honey, this will be easy to follow too.. 

Hope you too will follow this soon.. right na???

Here's the link to dabur honey :

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