Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dedication for my Love !!!!

Relationship - an important factor to make our life going on. Not all the relationship are perfect. Moreover, perfect relationship is absurd. If the relationship is perfect and without any flaws, there is a big issue in it. Some disloyal and dishonesty is going on which need to be taken care.

Many a times, I am a person who cannot keep anything in heart. I am very much frank and also I need to share everything I found to everyone. Do everyone like this? Do everyone accept it? Do everyone who hears are in the same page of understanding? I am not sure. But, I need to speak. I need to express my thoughts. I wont be caring of the consequences.

But, is that way good? 

Being brutally honest is not the one which everyone likes. Everyone likes to talk in so polished way. Still is that possible for me in all the times?

In my personal life, I didn't find any positivity going on for my practice. Many misunderstanding were happening for which I don't have any answers. I was not aware how to resolve this.

I will be thinking I am responsible for what I say. I am not responsible for what you understand.

But, is this possible to explain for each and everyone? Is this a doable one to make everyone aligning with my thoughts? Definitely not. I could not spend my whole life to make everyone to know who am I. 

I have a right to express my thoughts. But, at the same time, I don't have right to play in others feelings.

My recent realization helped me to find an answer for all my queries. I got one solution which resolved my problems. 

 "Meaning full silence is better than meaningless words"

Silence is the biggest and better way to express our feelings. Whatever it may be. Happiness or sorrow. We can't explain to everyone. Also, others wont have time to listen to ours. so, why wasting our time. 

Better to win a relationship than to win an argument. Hence, silence is really a good tool to maintain our peace, calm and also relationship and love.

I am trying very hard to dedicate my silence to all of my near and dears and maintain the relationship for long.

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  1. Hi, I totally agree with you there. I am someone who believes one should be totally honest atleast with your loved one if not all. But I realised it the hard way that honesty is never valued much. I have learnt it the way that it is often much better to be selectively honest :-)

  2. Wow... Honesty is tricky...
    But i learned it d hard way not to be straight forward

    The Orange Fever

  3. @Shruthi, @Ananya, yes.. absolutely true.. :-(

  4. Married Men's brain is divided into 2 parts:
    Right & left.In right,Nothing is left...
    In Left,Nothing is Right...