Friday, July 17, 2015

Don't want? Just throw it away..!!!

One of the tedious but inevitable work in our day to day life is cleaning. Cleaning is as important job as our heart and mind also relies on it. We can be in a calm and peaceful feelings only in a clean and good atmosphere. Consider we are in a room filled up with many clothes, books scattered here and there, water spilled up in the floor, toys occupying some more places and so on. How will our mind will be? We feel stressful and will lose our patience too.

If we are given a tough option to clean a shelf, for example, what will we tend to do first. We will be arranging the things in the shelf properly to make sure it will be clean and properly organized. But, have you experienced cleaning the shelf by having an algorithm. 

                              If (item) needed by us now
                                  let it occupy our shelf
                            else if (item) will be needed for future
                                Move it or delegate to some place
                              just throw it away. 

This is the main algorithm which we need to follow for cleaning our heart and mind too. For our disappointment and grief, instead of taking it to heart, we can just apply this algorithm.

Our mind and heart is not a dust bin to dump all the waste in it. Even dust bin need to be emptied once for a while as it will create an odour. We need to clean and empty our heart each and every day.

Better to lock our heart from all the unnecessary thoughts, incidents which are occupying in it without any use. Dumping of these unnecessary things will make our mind worse, there by injecting negative thoughts in us so slowly. This will be occupied in such a way that it will be very hard to clean it after it got loaded too much.

In addition to these, 5 important ways which is very good to follow for our peaceful and happy life are:

  • Keep your heart free from hate
  • Keep your mind free from worry
  • Live simply
  • Give much
  • Expect less

Everything are not so easy to follow as we advice. But, the true fact is if we follow any new things for 21 days, it will become our habit. So, we can try to follow these to ensure that our happiness is not lost from us at any cost.. 

Am I right.. ????

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