Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Delicious healthy nourishing diet.. !!!

Mother is born when a child for her is born. When the mother in me was slowly growing along with my son, I was passing the days with full of admiration and wonders. I could see a lot of hyper in him. His IQ is in extra ordinary level. I find it very difficult for me to cope up with. He comes up with new questions always which I will be struggling to answer. This is the common incident happening between us so frequently. 

We both enjoy sharing our feelings and emotions. More than a mother - child relationship, we both are a good friends. We both play together, watch TV and share our thoughts between us, he will say whatever happens in the school and so on.. 

As a mother, I have only 2 options left with. One is I need to grow and learn along with him. Other is I need to play a responsible role and have to feed him with proper nutrients which will help him in his IQ growth and brain development properly. First one, yes. I am doing this. Having good grasping power, he can grab any new things, ideas and concepts in a fraction of seconds. He has a complete knowledge of animals in this age which makes me awestruck. Many a times, he will be guiding me with proper solution with a cute smile. I am enjoying my motherhood.

So, real problem for me comes when we move on to the second option. What will be the correct nutrients for his mental growth? actual brain and IQ growth is starting from the age of 2 and 3 years. So, which is the correct food to accommodate this vital growth? Also, whatever I am choosing, this needs to be accepted by him too. That need to be attractive for him which makes my work even more simpler to feed for him. 

While I was in this dilemma, I came to know about kellog's chocos. Feeding only milk for breakfast will not be sufficient. That too, for this crucial age. Also, Breakfast occupies the important position to make the day so energetic. My quest ended when I got the best solution. Yes. This food also suits the taste of my kid. 

Kellogs chocos along with the milk feeds the child with the correct nutrients whichever he needs at this age. In addition to it, we can also add dry fruits to augment the taste and nutrition needed for proper growth and development. He enjoys eating it and I am enjoying feeding it. So, both are satisfied.

Any actions needs a good reaction which makes us very happy and enjoying. Our motivation factor for our actions lies in our awards and rewards for our work. Award of a mother lies when our child grows with a good knowledge and seeks good name in his/her school. So, my performance got appraisal. My work got a good pay. As he is taking a good nutrients supply with a nourishing diet, he is accomplished with good knowledge and to my astonishment, he got best creator award and academic excellence award in his school which made me a proud mother.

Thanks to Kellogs chocos for making my wishes come true.. 



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