Thursday, July 2, 2015

Letter to my Lord..!!

Hi dear,

         I have been postponing this thanks letter for so long. But, I think this is the correct time to deliver it for you.      
First of all, I am thanking you for protecting my soul for so long. And, for this life too. I am feeling your support continuously. You are my shadow, you have stood beside me at any time till now. Whenever I fall, I have a confidence that you will be with me to lift me up. whenever there is a problem, I know you are next to me.

I am not a perfect one. I have lot of things need to be corrected.

As a child, you flooded me with your affection. Like a mother, you cared for me. Like a father, you guided me in all the situation. Like a friend, you are being with me always for my growth. Thank you so much my beloved lord!!!

When I was a child, I had lot of questions. I did lot of mistakes. I could not simply follow whatever others says unless and until it was suitable for me. But, as time rolls over, you are simply answering for me by giving many forms of experience. By giving diverse practical experience, I am answered for most of my questions and also, you are keeping me in continuous learning process. Each and every day, I am growing. Not physically. Mentally. Its all because of your immortal teaching and guiding.

Thanks for everything you have did for me and also, I am requesting you to be with me forever. Please extend your continued support and guidance for me.

Thanks for your interest in my blog. Please key down for your valuable comments.. :-)


  1. Amen! Thank you Lord.
    Nice letter Hema, a prayerful one :)