About Me

Hello Friends.. First of all, Thank you so much in visiting my blog.

This is the first question to be answered in all the interviews whichever we have attended. "Could you please brief me about yourself". Though its an old question, we all interested in finding the answer for it. Both as an interviewer and as an interviewee, I have faced this situation. This is a new experience to me now as I am neither an interviewer or an interviewee. I am very happy to introduce myself to you all.

I have had lot of interest in all the stages of my lifetime. In the same way, I got passionate towards programming and chose computer science engineering for my graduation. After successful completion of it, I got into my work with MNC as a software engineer.

From my college days, I had an interest of writing and maintaining a blog for my own. I consider my blog can be a platform where I can share my views and express my thoughts. But, as time ran very fast, I could not create or maintain any. After 6 years of my work, a moment came when I felt strongly that a blog need to be created for my own. So, I am here sharing my views and thoughts to you all. 

Though I am an experienced engineer, I am a fresher in the field of writing. But still, we have heard of the proverb "A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step". Like the same way, I am starting my long lasting journey here with this single step. Please share all your comments and suggestions for my posts which can mold me further.