Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day has come to enjoy..!

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At last the most awaited and anticipated day is here. Its Sunday 5.30 PM. Half an hour before the scheduled show we occupied our seats in front of TV. This show has replaced our Sunday from going on for outing to sit before TV. Promo of the show went on. We are very joyful as in promo it was my son who was speaking. With full of excitement and pleasure, we crossed the half an hour.

6.00 PM. Yes. The time of the show too turned up. Show started. We didn’t expect that my kid will be the centre of attraction. As he was very small compared to other kids who came over there, maximum of the show went on with his speech. All the other kids were around 6 and Jayanth is only 3.5 years old. This is the main reason why he didn’t have any fear or shy towards a new person. He spoke to Iman annachi with his cute expression which was very attractive. He was very outspoken and spoke whole heartedly from the heart. So, all were fascinated towards his speech.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Sweety in kutty chutties..

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I have never expected that I will see my son in TV. Within a month, this surprise happened to me. I am feeling wonderful today as Kutty Chutties program is to be telecasted today with my son, Jayanth.
It was my family members who motivated me to apply for this program. But, I have no clue whether Jayanth will speak or not as he is very shy towards third person.

He will take some time to mingle with all. But, once that phase is completed, then the problem is on the other side. He is very talkative and pokes fun at others. With his childish speech, everyone will be moved away. As he is only 3.5 years old, I thought we can just give a try as he has time. The maximum limit for the program is 6 years.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Switch off the lights -- Switch on the conservation

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Have you all aware of this splendid challenge? Before moving to this topic, I have one simple question to you all. Most of us will go to attend meeting in conference room in our company. How many will switch off the lights before leaving the room? Even at home, TV and fan will be running all the time in spite of the fact that anyone is present there or not. Though we are not in the room, we won’t be aware or worried about the unnecessary electricity running around us.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Son’s Quest started.. My difficulties are on its way..!

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As a mother, so is her son. But I didn’t expect that I will be trapped in this situation so soon. I have mentioned you all in my first post itself that I am a big questionnaire, Full of questions. I will be asking questions mainly for 2 reasons. One is I need to get the answer. Other is to recheck whether my understanding is inclined correctly.

Now, the same work is taken by my son Jayanth, who is only 3.5 years old. I am very much thrilled, energized, excited, and concerned in hearing all his questions. He will be flooded with lots of questions as I am. 2 main reasons I have to avoid it. One is I will be busy with some work when he asks. Other is I am not aware of most of the questions he asks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wonderful pair is back!!

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What an awesome pair.. Surya and Jyothika. One of the made for each other pair came again to decorate our TV screens. After a long time, in nescafe sunrise ad they are back. Very good to see them after a long time..

From school and college days, I am a big fan of them. Most of my college mates were there to accompany me in those fan club. We were enjoying collecting their pictures, infos and news.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kudos!! Its 6th month successful completion of Mangalyaan.

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A major successful mission which is a crown to all the Indians is Mangalyaan formally called as MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission). We are entering the 6th month successful completion of Mangalyaan. I am taking this moment to be proud as an Indian and as an opportunity to appreciate our Indian scientists who were all responsible for the grand success of Mangalyaan.

Lets see a quick recap of the success story of this mission towards the red planet.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dream High to Fly High..

Dream - a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind. How we feel energized on hearing the word dream? No one would say "No" to this. But, unfortunately, I am not going to speak about dreaming in sleep here..!!

 As an inspirer of young India, our Ex president and the great scientist Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, says Dream, dream, dream, your dreams will transform into thoughts, thoughts lead to honest work, work results in action and you will succeed.

Auto ride made easy!!!

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Dream come true happened to me yesterday. Though it was not a tremendous thing, it was really awesome experience which we never faced before. Development in technology is changing our life style to the core. But I never expected this to be possible with our growing technology trends. Yes. I could believe “Everything is possible when we strive for that”.

Yes. I am about to talk about Ola auto rides with its app which is marvelous.

I was seeing lot of Ola auto rides ads these days. As I was using Ola taxi app, I used to receive many messages related to the app. Likewise, I received a message saying Ola auto free ride for first 2 rides worth Rs.50. I ignored that in the same way as other messages. But yesterday simply and suddenly I wanted to try that if it is true. Not only because of the free ride but also to check if is it true.

Really it’s one of my dreams if auto fare comes to normal. Many a times I faced several issues in the auto ride as everyone. To travel for 5 km, they will charge us double or triple the actual rate it could be. Even though meter is made compulsory, we could find no auto with proper fare.

One of the good examples could be when we were returning from egmore railway station in the early morning around 5.30 AM.  From station to our home, it could be around 12 km.  First when we asked, he told us Rs.120. We said ok and started. For the name sake, his meter was running. I was having my eye on it. We reached our home. While I checked the meter it came to 110 which Rs.10 less than the amount he charged. I was happy that he is reasonable. But while we were paying to him, he was asking for at least 150 as he will go empty from my home which is a loss for him. We told it’s after your acceptance only we get on your auto. Also, meter was showing only 110. For that he was telling, actually we need to pay double the rate of meter as it would be a loss for all the auto man to charge the same amount as per meter.

Then why Tamilnadu government decided this rate. Also, diesel rate is getting reduced comparatively. Then also, they are not happy with what we are giving.

So coming back to yesterday’s case, we planned a window shopping in mega mart which is only 2 km away from our house only to check this auto ride. Hurry is because the offer is getting elapsed today. I just booked an auto in Ola app. Within 2 minutes, I got the driver number and within 5 minutes, driver called to me to know my address.

We were very much excited and once auto came, we seated in it. After reaching the point, we were happy to see the meter showing Rs.25 which would be charged around Rs.60 (more than double the actual amount) usually. As per Ola request, we had to pay Rs 10 for driver which is not a big deal.
Then came the actual surprise for the day. I got a message stating Thanks for using Ola Auto. Your Rs.50 is credited in Ola money which you can use for future travel. Hooooooo.. Wow..

Though I agree these all business tactics to give a free ride to assure the clients to it, this was a wonderful experience in auto which we could never expect in a city like Chennai. This would be definitely very much useful for all the families.

We used the same app for returning to home. All of us had a wonderful time exploring Ola auto. Please share this experience so that everyone could use this and avoid bargaining to our very old Chennai normal autos.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Come on!!! Lets fight against The low syndrome – Depression

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Some days will be very awesome and keeps the day goes on. But some will be very worse in the starting itself. It was one such bad day for one of my distant relative. Everyone in my family was very traumatized and shocked in hearing that.

That boy was found very depressed after his maths exam. Though everyone spoke to him positively and encouraged regarding his exams, he was not ready to admit all their words. Actually, his mind which is already in depression is not ready to accept it. Without knowing the adverse effects of his depression, his family members were very normal and concentrating into their work.

 That day morning, suddenly when his mother was searching for him, found him lying still. Then she realized that he took some insect pills and attempted for suicide. She screamed in fear and called all others. Everyone rushed to nearby hospital and admitted there. We could see numerous feelings there.
Some were crying, praying to god, peeping into the ICU ward. Then, doctor came out with a good sign. He got relieved from critical stage as his stomach is cleaned doctor said. Some what the situation came to be controlled.

But this incident is widespread now. We are hearing many stories like this. For simple reasons, committing or attempting to suicide is becoming normal and common now. It’s all because of depression.

Depression, a predominant syndrome, is prevalent across the world in the current situation. Growing needs, over expectation, pressurized and stressful situation are some causes leading to this syndrome.

Depression is nothing but a state of low mood, hindrance to our growth, aversion to our day to day activities. Many say it’s like living in a black hole. A survey says one in every four people is depressed. The rate of committing suicide has also increased which is directly proportional to the depression.

Are you the one?

Are you having any one or more symptoms of these?

·         Filled with negative thoughts
·         Thinking not worth living
·         No good sleep
·         Either over eater or not feeling to eat
·         Low concentration – Easy work taking long time
·         Very disturbed, hopeless
·         More irritable, short-tempered, or aggressive than usual

If you get yes for more than 2 questions, then you are also the one of the victim of depression.
Depression is not a medical disease which can be cured with medicines. It’s a Psychiatric syndrome.  

Prevention is better than cure

First of all, our attitude and lifestyle needs to be changed to get rid of depression.


Here are some of the simple few tips which I have consolidated to make our self enjoying each and every moment pleasant.

Develop Positive thoughts:  Positive and optimistic thoughts play a key role in molding us as a good and better citizen for a family and society. Positive attitude need to be build in our character so that everything will be good for us.

Last day in life: How awesome will be the Last day in company or in college. Our feeling will be enjoying to the core as the day won’t repeat. The same feeling should be followed in our life too. This is our last day. No day will be repeated. So, be happy. Enjoy each and every moment as all will be a sweet surprise.

Top of the world: Wow. What an awesome moment when we are in top of the world. Assume our self to be in the top of world. See everything in a positive and optimistic manner.


Listen to music: Pleasant music has a power to change every moment positive. A good habit of listening to pleasant and music motivates our self in an optimistic way.

Postpone any feelings:  Any feeling it may be. Say, anger, happy or sad, express it to all after 5 minutes. You could definitely find a difference. Our anger, anxiety or happiness, if we control it for say 5 minutes, the actual expression would be lost and we will come to a stable state. This will bring a big difference in our day to day life. Some will jump in over joy and lost out in anger. Both are very extreme. Controlling these kinds of feeling will make us steady in the entire situation.

Not going to take anything:  Be a third person in all the cases. This does not mean that we should not do anything or try. As Geetha says, “Do your duty. Don’t think about the fruit.” It is our duty to perform the task. But we should not rely on the results. Even if we resulted with negative, we would have learned something over the task we performed. Also our hard works always pays for us.

Eat chocolates:  Most of us don’t know the fact that dark chocolates are a kind of medicine for our depression. When you are sad, try eating dark chocolate. For sure, you will find some difference. You will become somewhat motivated and regain your positive feelings.

Be ready to enjoy the life rather than complaining.  Each and every day is like a thriller movie. We are not aware that what’s going to happen next. So every day, it’s a new experience to us. Get ready to face it.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Any friend struck out in candy? I am here to accompany you..

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It was before 6 months, when I was using a non android phone. I used to go by train to office those days. I will be going in ladies compartment. There I could feel as though I am an alien sitting there as I was only the single person who was using non android. 80% of the crowd were playing candy crush so involved and with lot of interest. But I don’t know what is the most interesting in it. I could not figure out what the hell is in that as I was in lot of agony by seeing them who were all peeping into their phone without even noticing their stop.

One day came where my husband got me Moto G mobile online. I was very excited and thrilled to get that. Having that as my first android mobile, I was in the top of world for that day. As a first step, like every one, I downloaded all the apps. My night went sleepless with my Moto. In the list of my downloaded app consist of candy, the one which made me out of rage in the train.

I have started to spend my first sleepless night with candy there on.  After that, I got the answer to my question “What the hell is there in candy to get addicted to it”. It was very delicious with lot of candies and made me to enjoy its each level.

But as it went on, I took a motto in me to reach at least 100th level, then went on to 150, 200, 250. Now I got severely struck in the level 273.

 It was this candy game which made a great chocolate lover (it’s me!!!) to hate to see chocolate in my candy level. Same way, I also hate to see the bomb which is coming often in this level.

Awaiting the day when I could clear this level and proceed further..

I am sure all would have faced this situation in any one of those levels.. True right? Looking forward for your precious comments to share with me!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Perk to make us delighted today.. Read here to know more..

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Hey What a fantastic day today.. Its International Day of Happiness. Yahoooooooo.. Observing these specials days makes us even more joyful, wonderful and makes our life go on. Happiness, a positive emotions or feelings, takes various forms in different people. For some people, playing games are happy, some considers music to be happy, some likes to be alone with their books. Of course, I have my own different way. Please don’t laugh after hearing my happiness..  Happiness for me is trying different variety of cuisines both in cooking or in eating.. ha ha ha.. I am sure there will be many of them who follow me in happiness.. Is that true?  Hmm.. I could hear yes from many sides. J 

Keeping this aside, can we dig some more info about this day?

It’s on 28 June 2012, the United Nations (UN) declared March 20 to be observed as the International Day of Happiness. This day recognizes that happiness is a fundamental human goal, and calls upon countries to approach public policies in ways that improve the well being of all peoples.

UN is enforcing all the countries not only on their economic growth, but also on humanity and their well being. Happy man can make their family, friends and society happier which is crucial in this modern world.  Additionally, the UN acknowledges that in order to attain global happiness, economic development must be accompanied by social and environmental well being.

One more quick question .. Do you all know which country is known for the happiest people in the world? Well.. It’s Bhutan, The Himalayan kingdom. Another interesting fact about this country is its GNH. Usually, in all the countries, there will be an index to measure the economic growth. That is Gross national product. Whereas in Bhutan, National prosperity is measured in terms of Gross National Happiness Index. The GNH rejects the sole use of economic and material wealth as an indicator of development, and instead adopts a more holistic outlook, where spiritual well being of citizens and communities is given as much importance as their material well being.

So, what are you waiting for still.. Lets celebrate this day with lots of fun and enjoy with all our family, friends, relations and make our society happy and feel better..

Agree....? J

World House Sparrow Day - March 20

Ah.. Today is the day for our cute house sparrow which we used to notice when we were all young. But now as we are into our new modern age (!!) with malls erupted, mobile towers erected, one of the species we missed is mainly the house sparrow.

I still remember when I was very young around 6 years, and staying with my granny’s house, I will be hearing the chirping sound of the sparrow which will be coming inside our home, standing near our windows, and so on. Our granny’s house is surrounded by a vacant land on both sides. So, the sparrows were enjoying a lot there. Those sparrows will be a part of our life that time. Even one day if we didn’t hear that sound, we all will be missing it. We won’t be lonely at all with those sparrows.

 I and my sister used to keep food and water for it. With the cute sound, it will come and have it. While having, it will see us which we will assume our self that they are saying thank you to us. We will be so happy. But days went running. Suddenly we felt we are lost those sparrows as people started occupying in the vacant land surrounded by our house. Slowly it got migrated to some other house we thought.

This will be the prominent story happened in most of your life too. Same happened in the world. As we are all seeing our India becoming a shiny city with all tall malls and sleek apartments, we missed to see this cute chirping little bird.

Now an organisation called the Nature Forever Society, headed by Mohammed Dilawar, and a band of sparrow adopters came forward to protect these gentle sparrows in India today. The organisation initiated Common Bird Monitoring Programme (www.cbmi.in), an innovative project to monitor common birds. So, hence on World Sparrow Day was launched in Mumbai, India in March 2012.

Also, Ex Chief Minister of New Delhi - Ms.Sheila Dikshit, in order to enhance the awareness of these bird’s life and habitat, declared House sparrows as the state bird of New Delhi.

Awaiting to hear the birds sound all over soon.. Happy World Sparrow day.. J

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gourd foods to Guard your Fat

Recently I had a chance to chat with one of my friends who is a nutritionist. I wondered a lot on hearing a new fact that all the gourd foods like bitter gourd, snake gourd etc will be a good intake for those who are in the urge of weight loss. In fact, I am a big hater of bitter gourd. Preferably, all are indeed happy with the fancy vegetable like carrot, mushroom, gobi etc which are famous for their recipes in restaurants.Even I am a big fan of all these vegetables. Whenever I go to restaurants, I will be fond of these. Yes. these are also good for health of course. Whereas considering the fact that, all the vegetable which are green have higher Chlorophyll content and also, their health benefits which is needed to us now, we need to choose these vegetables in our daily foods which will helps us to cut the calories and also to keep us healthy.

Now, I started having it twice in a week. Bitter gourd in particular helps a lot in the prevention and treatment of Type II diabetes, which is also called insulin-independent diabetes or adult onset diabetes. Specifically, all the women need to intake all these gourd regularly for proper blood circulation. Also, intake of these vegetables along with the green leaf is still more beneficial.

Put down your keys to comment it out..

Is Plus 2 a turning point in life?

Absolutely not. It is our society which made this as a culture. I do accept Education is a light of our life. But without light also, we can survive. Plus 2 exams are becoming very critical for all the students due to which nowadays no one is undergoing plus 1 properly. Most of the schools are very curious about their plus 2 results. So, they are all starting their plus 2 portions as soon as possible and creating a lot of pressure in the students. Students who are in teenage need to undergo this stage which has become inevitable in our society. Pressures from all the sides begin to reach the students in the early stages of plus 1. Only few know to tackle this problem easily. But lot of others will be suffering without knowing how to handle due to which they end up in low marks or skip the exam even though all the questions may be familiar to them. It is the society which has created this situation.

        We have many role models to quote here who didn’t undergo all these exams but still they are in successful levels. Bill gates, Sachin Tendulkar all are some of the living examples.

        What is the real need in this topic now? There is a vital need now. In this exam season, we are going through at least 2 or 3 issues in the newspaper that a student committed suicide in fear of plus 2 exams, a student attempted to suicide in fear of plus 2 exams, or a student committed suicide as he didn’t do well in the respective exam. Is this a good sign in a society? Is there no life after a failure in an exam alone?  For sure, all the students writing the exam could not reach state first or school first. So, do the rest of the students are unfit to live in the society.   

       It is in the hands of our society, teachers, parents and school who need to train their students and explain them that it is their talent and knowledge which is going to make difference in the society and not their marks alone. All have their own talent and interest. They need to be motivated in that and they should not be treated only because of their marks.

What you all say.. is that right?

First Post in My favorite Zone..

Hello all.. First of all, welcome to my first post in my first personal blog..

As everyone says words are the reflection of our mind, here comes my scrambled thoughts. I am happy to share it with you all and also waiting for your valuable comments and sharing.

Filled with cluster of feelings, emotions and questions, I have started to blogging now which I was kept on postponing for lot of days.. Though not an experienced one in writing blogs, I am an active reader or commentator in blogging.With lots of desire and passion, I have started one. And here we are.. :-)
    Always I will be surrounded with lots of thoughts, lots and lots of questions in my mind asking myself what to do, is that right, Am I going in a right path, and so on.. Even now, I am filled up with these questions.. But Now, I am wishing to see many of them who share the same notion like me to come forward and encourage me here.. I am awaiting for lots of wording from you all and to travel further.
   I am not going to minimize my thoughts or notions to any of the particular topics or articles. World is surrounded with plenty and plenty of concepts, information and incidents. I am here to post and discuss those with you all.. I wont say I can discuss all(as it will be countless.. :-( ).. But for sure, the one which is important to us will be a part of our blog..
    Do encourage me.. Comment out your precious ideas.. Lets go on.. Hooooooooooooo.... Very much excited.. !!!!!