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Come on!!! Lets fight against The low syndrome – Depression

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Some days will be very awesome and keeps the day goes on. But some will be very worse in the starting itself. It was one such bad day for one of my distant relative. Everyone in my family was very traumatized and shocked in hearing that.

That boy was found very depressed after his maths exam. Though everyone spoke to him positively and encouraged regarding his exams, he was not ready to admit all their words. Actually, his mind which is already in depression is not ready to accept it. Without knowing the adverse effects of his depression, his family members were very normal and concentrating into their work.

 That day morning, suddenly when his mother was searching for him, found him lying still. Then she realized that he took some insect pills and attempted for suicide. She screamed in fear and called all others. Everyone rushed to nearby hospital and admitted there. We could see numerous feelings there.
Some were crying, praying to god, peeping into the ICU ward. Then, doctor came out with a good sign. He got relieved from critical stage as his stomach is cleaned doctor said. Some what the situation came to be controlled.

But this incident is widespread now. We are hearing many stories like this. For simple reasons, committing or attempting to suicide is becoming normal and common now. It’s all because of depression.

Depression, a predominant syndrome, is prevalent across the world in the current situation. Growing needs, over expectation, pressurized and stressful situation are some causes leading to this syndrome.

Depression is nothing but a state of low mood, hindrance to our growth, aversion to our day to day activities. Many say it’s like living in a black hole. A survey says one in every four people is depressed. The rate of committing suicide has also increased which is directly proportional to the depression.

Are you the one?

Are you having any one or more symptoms of these?

·         Filled with negative thoughts
·         Thinking not worth living
·         No good sleep
·         Either over eater or not feeling to eat
·         Low concentration – Easy work taking long time
·         Very disturbed, hopeless
·         More irritable, short-tempered, or aggressive than usual

If you get yes for more than 2 questions, then you are also the one of the victim of depression.
Depression is not a medical disease which can be cured with medicines. It’s a Psychiatric syndrome.  

Prevention is better than cure

First of all, our attitude and lifestyle needs to be changed to get rid of depression.


Here are some of the simple few tips which I have consolidated to make our self enjoying each and every moment pleasant.

Develop Positive thoughts:  Positive and optimistic thoughts play a key role in molding us as a good and better citizen for a family and society. Positive attitude need to be build in our character so that everything will be good for us.

Last day in life: How awesome will be the Last day in company or in college. Our feeling will be enjoying to the core as the day won’t repeat. The same feeling should be followed in our life too. This is our last day. No day will be repeated. So, be happy. Enjoy each and every moment as all will be a sweet surprise.

Top of the world: Wow. What an awesome moment when we are in top of the world. Assume our self to be in the top of world. See everything in a positive and optimistic manner.


Listen to music: Pleasant music has a power to change every moment positive. A good habit of listening to pleasant and music motivates our self in an optimistic way.

Postpone any feelings:  Any feeling it may be. Say, anger, happy or sad, express it to all after 5 minutes. You could definitely find a difference. Our anger, anxiety or happiness, if we control it for say 5 minutes, the actual expression would be lost and we will come to a stable state. This will bring a big difference in our day to day life. Some will jump in over joy and lost out in anger. Both are very extreme. Controlling these kinds of feeling will make us steady in the entire situation.

Not going to take anything:  Be a third person in all the cases. This does not mean that we should not do anything or try. As Geetha says, “Do your duty. Don’t think about the fruit.” It is our duty to perform the task. But we should not rely on the results. Even if we resulted with negative, we would have learned something over the task we performed. Also our hard works always pays for us.

Eat chocolates:  Most of us don’t know the fact that dark chocolates are a kind of medicine for our depression. When you are sad, try eating dark chocolate. For sure, you will find some difference. You will become somewhat motivated and regain your positive feelings.

Be ready to enjoy the life rather than complaining.  Each and every day is like a thriller movie. We are not aware that what’s going to happen next. So every day, it’s a new experience to us. Get ready to face it.


  1. This is a great post! Really brave to write about a topic like this but you managed it so well .
    What you writing is very inspiring and I love your positivity and optimism towards it
    All the best

    1. Thanks @Karo Tockhorn. check it regularly.. :-)