Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day has come to enjoy..!

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At last the most awaited and anticipated day is here. Its Sunday 5.30 PM. Half an hour before the scheduled show we occupied our seats in front of TV. This show has replaced our Sunday from going on for outing to sit before TV. Promo of the show went on. We are very joyful as in promo it was my son who was speaking. With full of excitement and pleasure, we crossed the half an hour.

6.00 PM. Yes. The time of the show too turned up. Show started. We didn’t expect that my kid will be the centre of attraction. As he was very small compared to other kids who came over there, maximum of the show went on with his speech. All the other kids were around 6 and Jayanth is only 3.5 years old. This is the main reason why he didn’t have any fear or shy towards a new person. He spoke to Iman annachi with his cute expression which was very attractive. He was very outspoken and spoke whole heartedly from the heart. So, all were fascinated towards his speech.

This was the first show of Kutty Chutties where we enjoyed from the bottom of the heart and felt as though we are in top of the world. But without knowing the reason behind our pleasure, Jayanth came up with other questions that “as true Jayanth is here, who is talking there in TV like me?”. I replied, “It is you. This show is shot last 2 weeks. They are telecasting now.” For that, his brain questioned “As I was shot, I much be fell down right. Why I didn’t” Oh my god.  J

Full explanation could not be given to this tiny tot as we are engaged with this program. As usual, this is a left over question.

Here’s the link for those who looks forward to enjoy.

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