Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Are we in a modern era?

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This question has been arising for me for a long time. One side with the use of modern technologies, another side still our old customs without knowing for what it has been created. This question is endless. Though in all the sectors, we could find a good contribution of women, still this question has no answer. I am taking this question again expecting for either an answer or for a change.

In this modern era, we could hear various growths in terms of technology. Human beings are ready to occupy our neighbour planet Mars. We could do all shopping at our home with a growth in e-commerce and online shopping. We have changed a lot in our life style. But still, have we really changed in our customs and culture. Mainly, I have a serious question in our marriage culture. Everyone’s answer for marriage is it is made at heaven. Marriage is a binding of 2 hearts from different families and background. But, are we all taking this process in its same way?

Still in most of our families, it is been taken as a chance to exhibit force to weaker sects from stronger sects. Till the wedding date or so, Bride groom’s family will continue to behave in a way that they are an upper caste and treat the bride's family as though they are lowers. Even for a small decision, girl’s family were not allowed to function on their own though both have same knowledge, social respect, studies and job. Why is it so?

Some case may be different. But, most of the incidents which we come across are more or less the same where we can see this type of domination. In older days, as women are not allowed for working, in order to give them a self respect and confidence, marriage took place in cost of girl’s house. They gave considerable amount of money and jewels for her to keep hold of her self-respect in her in-laws house. Whereas now, women are working, she has her studies and degrees, have courage to do all work and live independently. Still the same scenario we are facing where women’s family need to bend in all respects.

When this situation changes? A ceremony needs to be celebrated in a good way. It is not a business where all sorts of bargaining is happening. Looking forward for a good revolution in our customs and culture soon..

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