Monday, April 20, 2015

Akshaya tritiya - Give more to Grow more

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The most awaited day for most of the women and business men has arrived. Yes. Today is Akshaya tritiya, one of the auspicious days of Hindu mythology. But now the meaning of the day has been changed as a key day for promoting and selling the products. Starting from the jewellery shop to grocery super markets, everyone started making use of this day for their own business. Does anyone of us think what the day all about is? What is the meaning of Akshaya tritiya? What is the reason behind it as per our Hindu mythology? What is the importance to celebrate it?

Here’s a quick recap of the importance of this day. Though the importance are numerous, we can see a little of it.

Akshaya tritiya is a third day from new moon day coming in Tamil month of chithirai (late april and early may). This day is a birthday of 6th incarnation of lord Vishnu – Parasurama. In our epic mahabaratha, there are many occurrence took place in this thithi which is said to be remarkable.

We all heard about the story of Krishna and kuselan. Kuselan, after giving his small amount of aval to Krishna become a wealthier person. This event happened in this auspicious day. This is the day when Yudhistra, the eldest one of pandavas, got Akshaya pathiram from the lord Sun. Draupadi in the hastinapur court was misbehaved in front of all. Her saree was unveiled by duchathana, one of the brothers of duryodana. She prayed to lord Krishna whole heartedly. There happened a wonder. while Duchathana disclosing her saree, it become unending process. At one stage, he became exhausted, could not unveil anymore and fell down. Draupadi’s prayer was answered.

Adi shankarar used to get Bhiksha from others for his food as he was a saint. When he was going to one of the home, there was an old lady who was very poor. But, she got intention to help Adi shankarar. She offered an amla fruit which she had. In turn, adi shankara sang a sloka named Kanaga thara sthothram which filled the house of the poor lady with rain of golden amlas to wipe out the poverty of the lady.

This history goes on and on. In brief, Thrithiyai is the auspicious day for giving. If we have a notion of helping others, ours will also be proliferated in turn. Usually, many of us wish to donate orphanages for our family member’s birthdays or wedding days. We can also add this Akshaya thrithiyai for that good cause.

All the businessmen blindly following a concept to increase their business or promote their product in this day. Some women are very curious in buying jewels in this day. These are absolutely a myth and no profit over it as we expect. They are all created only for promoting their business and making them wealthy. If we have a need to buy a jewel or any valuable goods, we can do in any of the good days. This can also be one. But this is not the only day to buy.

We can make this day to perform any meritorious deeds which is always good to our soul. We can gain happiness by making others happy. Helping others, offering some in temple or donating to the needy will give a true happiness and growth to us than to book and buy jewel or any expensive product. Looking forward to experience the true happiness today. J