Friday, April 10, 2015

An Awesome trip to Coorg

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Let us take some time to relax. I thought of sharing my experience we had in coorg which we went some 5 months ago. Back to November 2014.

I and my son were eagerly waiting for the return of my husband. He went to his site for 2 months and is about to be back on 1st of November.  Bored of routine life, we were waiting for a mind-breaking tour for our relaxation and enjoyment. Usually we will plan for the tour before and would be waiting for it. This time, we are sure we are going for tour. But, we were not sure about the place. I suggested coorg and my husband choice is for Ooty. In winter, I am not ready to take my little kid as he might be a victim to fever and cold. So, we concluded our journey to the awesome place, Coorg and Mysore.

My sister-in-law, who has already gone for that place, guided us to an extent. Anyways, situation varies and anything can happen. So, we didn’t plan much. My husband believed that we would be getting any tourist guide in the railway station once we get down. As usual, last minute plan resulted with waiting list status in train ticket. With all our baggage, we were waiting for the train. My son was very much exited and jumping and playing in the station. As we expected, train is late for another half an hour. At last, it got arrived by 9.45PM.

We reached Mysore by 7 in the morning. One more special thing to celebrate is the day is my birthday.  Even more enjoying. As my hubby suggested, an auto guy in whose vehicle we went informed us about tourist package from a reputed tourism with 4 wheeler for 3 days. Rate is also reasonable. After dressed up and finishing breakfast, we get on our car.

Thala Cauvery is the first in our trip. Nature has many unanswered questions. Thala Cauvery is one of it. No one knows from where the big river Cauvery arises and how it reaches so many places.

From mysore, it came around 150km. This is near to kerala too. We could see people from all over India here. Many were doing rituals in the birth place of river Cauvery. We got to know some story of river Cauvery which down poured from a little pot of Muni Agasthiyar by a crow which is actually Lord Ganesha. We did worship there.

Then, we returned from Thala Cauvery after a while and went to Bagamandala which is only around 7 km. Very calm and silent temple. We had a good darshan here.  It was already 3PM there. We were all very much hungry. So we decided first food for our belly then to eyes. Car went on to a restaurant. We had good meal there. Then we enquired the driver about the next place.

Wow. It’s nothing but Abbey falls. Abbey falls is named after a girl Abbi. But I don’t remember exactly the story behind it. It was a silent place with a screaming of water falling down. It was a Wonderful place and we had an awesome experience.

We had a good time over there. But because of continuous travel, we were completely exhausted. Next we planned for our rest. We asked our driver to get a good cottage as it will be independent. Again, our travel started from falls to the cottage which came to around 30 km. Cottage is located is so interior place. We can’t even find a good hotel around. If needed, there is a family residing near the cottage. They will get us done. But we are not interested in it. We reached there by 6PM, took rest for 1 hour and started in our car to have a good non-veg dinner in a decent restaurant. Also, we have to purchase homemade chocolates and spices for which is coorg famous for.

We purchased one wall hanging lord Ganesha made in coconut fibre, homemade chocolates, spices and coffee. Then, we had a good dinner with my favourite chicken. We returned to cottage. I am not aware of a surprise waiting for me.

With this awesome experience, I forgot that I got my birthday that day. Once we were back to cottage, my son and husband silently doing their work for me to cut the cake. I didn’t notice as I was made to wait outside to check with driver about the next day’s plan. When I am entering the hotel, to my surprise and wonder, both were waiting with my favourite chocolate cake with burning candles.

This is one of my wonderful and memorable birthdays. The day got finished with a happy note. We will see how fabulous will be the next day in coorg.
See you all with my next day of my trip.. J

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