Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Its World Health Day today, Apr 7th

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Today is world health day. Most of us know what are the healthy facts and practices. But are we following all in our day to day life.

As we are in a hurry all days, we will be skipping up our breakfasts though we know it’s not advisable. We are not drinking water properly at regular intervals. Some practise which we follow will be like a myth. For example, from my child hood, I have been taught to have a fruit after a meal we have. But, this is a bad practise which I got to know recently. As fruits digestion is simpler and quicker than the meal, if we are taking heavy digestive item along with simpler digestive one, our digestion system crashes. Like this, we have so many. Due to the media exposure and many good magazines, we are hearing interesting news and facts over our healthy practise.

All are some small things which can keep us healthy and fit for years. But, it’s in our hands to follow it. So, come on. Let’s discuss some points here which I have consolidated from what I heard from media, read from newspapers, magazines, and in health related websites. This is our day. Let’s strive to follow it for us to live in a good shape. We can spend for our self than for our doctors. J
  • Start your day with warm water. Warm water helps in metabolic activity. We can also have some lemon juice mixed with it without any salt or sugar.
  • If warm water does not suit, green tea with lime juice can be replaced. Coffee needs to be avoided. (I can hear many voices saying no to this point. But still, coffee is not good for health. Green tea is a good substitute for morning refreshment.)
  • Fruits need to be taken before having meal instead of having it after the meal.
  • Consuming lot of water in between the meal is also a wrong myth. My grandmother asks us to drink lot of water in between and after we finish eating which is a bad practise actually. Consuming lot of water affects our digestion by diluting the meals. We can have before 15 minutes of the meal or after 15 minutes of the meal. If needed, 300ml of water can be taken in between.
  •   Food, instead of consuming in lot, we can break up it. For example, most of us have a habit of having food in 3 times, morning, afternoon and night. But, we can split it for 6 times with small amount. By doing this, we are dividing our digestion process. So that, digestion will happen in regular interval instead of happening in bulk.
  • Daily, we need to take fibre a lot which is prevalent in many fruits.
  • Exercise regularly. If exercise does not suit us, we can go for early morning walk at least for 30 minutes which will give good refreshment.
  • We need to prepare appropriate amount of food necessary for our family. I have heard of some families. As the couple is working, the lady used to prepare food which will lasts for at least 3 days. Just think of the fact that, how much virus, bacteria or fungus is in the food. If we consume this type of contaminated food, how far is our health affected?
  • Please do avoid the ready to eat packaged food. Nowadays, in our fast moving life, we are getting all the food in package like ready to make parathas, dosa batter etc which are all highly dangerous to us. Many preservative will be added to these kinds of foods which will affect us in turn.
In addition to it, world health organisation have given us still more points overall for food safety and some facts. Here’s the link to go through.


  1. On green tea..I used to have it daily in the evening..But one of my family doctor said it will cause ulcer..So nowadays having it very rarely!

  2. Yes Poongs.. It is bad when consumed lot. But, daily one cup of green tea early morning is very good. Some used to drink a lot in a day. Then, it is a problem.. :-)