Thursday, April 2, 2015

Another disaster – loudspeakers.

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I myself think I am going deep into socio problems. But, the acts which is happening around us making myself think about it. Our customs whatever we followed before suits these days life style. A drastic change will never happen. But still, some slow change makes big effect in our society.

There is some auspicious ceremony in a temple which is near to my house. For the past 2 days, loud speaker is blowing like anything with a big noise pollution. Lot of patients, aged persons, little kids and child, students who are preparing for their exams – all are affected. Again, I am not against the ceremonies happening in the temple. Is it necessary to celebrate with these loudspeakers with this much of noise pollution? Is it really en essential thing? Did the god made any rule that all the ceremony should happen with the loudspeakers? 

Not only god and temple ceremony. For all the political issues and common functions, loud speakers is becoming inevitable by creating all the troubles to the common people.I don’t know why our society still binds up with these unwanted practices. Everyone has their rights to do up their activities. But these activities should be carried up without hindering others freedom. When will they realize all these things. When we will get answer to all all questions?

 Is this practice followed in any of the western countries. We are not accepting the facts that these are unwanted elements in our society which we need to eradicate soon. I wish this troublesome loudspeakers should be banned in our society as soon as possible in order to be free from these noise.

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  1. My complaint is on crackers..They burst it so much in temples..Animals gets scared of the crackers especially dogs..They dont eat the whole day because of it..