Friday, November 27, 2015

Sorrow to Warmth

Tears falling down from clara's rosy cheeks. 

"Control yourself dear.." John cheered up.

"It is so agonizing to recollect the scene happened 20 years back"

Dead silence for about a minute. 

Clara continued "The place where I was left orphan. The place where a hell like shake happened in the name of the earthquake and an extensive devastation occurred"

He consoled "Please say thanks to that earthquake due to which we got to know. Focus at our future which is dazzling before us instead of the past."

Clara took her place in his chest which he felt safest for ever.


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Love.. Not for sale..!!!

Indian Bloggers

First of all, I am thanking my sister for giving me this beautiful book for me. I was pushed to read it as I was sitting boredom at home. Feeling so reluctant, I started reading. To my astonishment, it was so entertaining and pleasing to read. The book was so wonderful due to which I managed to complete it within 2 days in spite of lot of work I had. 

                  Book Name:      Love . . .Not for Sale!
                  Author Name:  Anurag Garg

Moving on to review:

Any day, Any minute, Any second, twist and turns happens in life. Though we are a rich person, though we are strong enough to deal will any circumstances, we are no longer escaped from it. We will be trapped in that twists which can make our life upside down.

Some twists makes up happy. Some leaves us sad. Some teaches what is life. Some gives us a good relation. Some leaves us in an awesome memory. But, a single twists gives everything at an instance for Kabir Thapar, the hero of the book.

Kabir Thapar is the spoilt son of Thapar family, one of the wealthy family around. He misses his mother who died suddenly in cancer. Soon after her death, his father married another women. No day or no minute, his father spent with him. He longed for an actual love many times. But, he was left alone. 

Once after the time flies, he occupied with his own relationship. He had relationship with many girls who was ready to share their bed with him. Every night, he was with every new girl. 

A sudden twists came in his life when he hit a car, which came opposite to him while he was drunken driving at a high speed. He was thrown away and left unconscious. Once after he regained his consciousness., he realized that he killed 2 guys. Filled with shame, worry, anger and afraid of police, he escaped from there and ran away. In railway station, he entered into a train without knowing its destination. This was the first time travel in train for him. 

A millionaire son is now travelling in unclean, passenger train. The train stopped in old delhi. He started to run behind his destiny. He was left in GB road which is the red light area of delhi. Hoping that he wont be caught in police in this place, he got a room there and continue staying with one of the brothel agent. 

There, he met a girl named Sehar, who is a sex worker. A real love was slowly blossoming inside. It was not the love which he exhibited with those girls in pub and party. He realized that the love which he is having in Sehar is real and sincere. It does not arise as a pity in her. He loved to share his life with her. 

But, will the brothel agent will be so charitable to allow her to start a new life with him without considering her future earnings? can he be hidden from police for a long time? Will he share his past incidents to sehar? Will Sehar accepts a criminal to share his life? 

We can find answers to all these questions in reading this book. For sure, we all will be left with tears when we are ending up. Most of us have a question "why these all happened to me?". The same way, we tend to ask why should this be happened. 

Anyway, it is truly entertaining and interesting. 

Happy reading folks.. :-)

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Life in thirst..!!

Not only the thirst of water exists around
Enduring everywhere,
None knows when thirsts in us ceases..!!

Mother caring for her child
thirst of affection goes wild..!!

Women blushing with her man..
Brimming thirst of love prevails ..!!

Working hard for a charge
Thirst of winning is discharged..!!

Students going hard through their materials
Thirst of knowledge is visualized..!!

Politicians greedy towards money
Thirst of wealth is occupied..!!

Thirst - goes never ending
Mixed with all, in a blending..!!

Thirst becoming habitual for many
Though it is jumbled, it is omnipresent in all..!!

Disgruntled thirst leads towards victory
Repeated strive for thirst is illustrious..!!

Move on with the thirst of hard work..!!
Reap the fruit of success..!!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

oh.. My lovely companion...!!!

How much pride will it be,
If we are left with a lovely companion

How much vigor will it be,
If we have a powerful companion

How much delight will it be,
If we have a true and awesome companion

I am pondering with these queries
Which is still not explained for me

These questions are left unanswered 
As I haven't sensed any of the above 

But one is for sure
I will have an associate perpetually

My Mate, My partner, My Love
My sweet and cute Magpie..

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Power of Words...!!!

Words - arrangement of letters
Supervises our feelings

Which once delivered
Can't taken back

People uses this magic regularly
Practices the power of wizardry 

Some augments our energy
Some drains our sturdy

Some fills us with emotion
Some leave us in indignation 

Encouraging words 
Strengthen us in all way

Caring words 
Sows the seeds of love and affection in us

Annoying words
Pulls down and demoralize us

Surrounded with plenty of words though,
Some resides close to our heart

Those 3 words 
makes me in delight

Smile, Thanks, Enjoy

Smile - a sweet curve 
has a lovely feel in itself

Thanks - expressing gratitude
Acknowledging others action

Enjoy - savors our life
With entertainments and delights

Boost the practice of positive words
And get ready to fly high..!!!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Let's spread the world with peace..!!!

One fine evening in a five star hotel.

Birthday party is being celebrated at one of the restaurant. 5 year cute little girl, Amrita , is glittering like a doll in her birthday pink dress.

At the corner of the restaurant where the birthday party has been observed, a man with some nervousness in his face, looking so keenly. He was literally counting those persons there, and choosing a place for his operation.

Once after the cake cutting, everyone was scattered here and there 
chatting  with their friends and relatives.

Amrita kept on moving among many groups which were thrown here and there.

Finally, she reached the guy who was so busy in his operation.

She provided a piece of cake and chocolate to the guy.

He was so terrified and annoyed after seeing her. He shouted "Hey go back..!!!"

Amrita , "What happened uncle? why are you so agitated and looking so outraged?"

"Hey you little girl? can you please vacate the place. I am busy with my work."

"I am sure that you are occupied with your work. But, today is my birthday. I see that you have a resemblance of my dad. So, I wish I could provide you my cake. I feel so happy if you accept my little offer. "

"What? your dad.. Who is your dad? What is he doing?"

"He is no more uncle. He went to reside with God..!!!"

"Oh..!!" his anger was slightly reduced and asked "What happened to him?"

"He was a soldier, uncle. He fought for our nation. He stood against the terrorism and battled against the terrorists.  Though I miss him, I am proud of my father. "

He was dumb struck.

"What is your father, uncle"

"He is no more."

"oh.. he was also a soldier is it?"

He could not find answer to her question as his was also following the son's work of 
terrorism and being a bomber. His father died when he was attacking the Taj hotel by the police men, which took place in 2008.

"Okay uncle..! Please don't worry..!! all the world is our relations. Your father is died of a noble cause of saving hundreds and thousands of our people. So, you must be proud of that instead of worrying."

He felt so ashamed to hear these innocent words from a little girl. His father died along with 160 innocent people who came there to spend their time in the star hotel. 

She again continued, "At school, I was taught about out pledge saying All Indians are brothers and sisters!! So, why are you worrying. All are our relations only. 
Hence, we are here not to worry.  We can get comfort with all others and do our duty. Definitely, God will be with us and help us in all the sake.Only thing is we need to be true to our self.

She ended with a cute smile when he got a call from his boss regarding his new operation of attacking this hotel.

He seemed to be cleared to an extent 
after the talk of this adorable kid. He arrived at a decision.

"your mobile is ringing uncle..!!!"

"Thanks for opening my eyes ma..!!!"

"What? What happened uncle...!!!"

"Amrita!! Amrita!!" a sound came suddenly.

"Hush.. My mother is searching for me. Ok Uncle. I am going.. Please take this chocolate and cake for you. See you later.. Bye.."

She disappeared in the light glowing after throwing light on his mind.

Again, boss is calling. He switched off the mobile and ate the chocolates given by Amrita.

It was sure that he wont switch on the mobile again. 

Let's hope this inner change shall come from all the terrorists before they are ready for the bomb blast. Afore they are going ahead for the terrific attacks, they can spend some time realizing the fact that all are human beings. No animal is wishing to murder other animals. Then why humans need to exhibit this barbaric nature? Why this much cruelty spreading around? 

No God wishes this inhumanity from any religion.

Let's believe for a change.

Let's spread the world with peace.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

S for Sacrifice...!!!

The place filled with blood shed

Dance of the cruelty is profound

Situation became disgusting

Sprouting buds burnt to ashes

Countless children earning the name of orphan,

which they won't even aware of

Copious parents deprived of their sons

Plenty of wives turning into widow

Why this abominable cruelty?

Hunger of terrorists culminated this brutality

Who gave them the right to pull the souls from other bodies?

All the people having peaceful sleep, 

which is resulted from the sacrifice of these soldiers

End of terrorism is badly indispensable

No man can be changed by external push

Internal notion of them makes a difference

Let's say no to terrorism and war

Let's pave the way towards the peace

Let's Join the hands for world unity

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Sound in the night..!!!

No day I find me lying in the bed alone. Always I need a soul beside me. Their presence serves me a comfort which in turns crops up a good sleep in me. 

The same way, I was lying with my son holding his hand on me on one night. It was a sound sleep when I heard a sudden resonant noise. 

I could hear as if someone opening the door. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Truly made of great..!!!

Not all the man born in this world are becoming an inspiration and enjoying the fame. Even diamonds are created under high pressure. A man become more and more strong when he is exposed to lots and lots of complications. By that way, he is ready to break any obstacles he faces. That type of man flies up high and becomes our true inspiration and we will be in an urge to follow him. 

An arrow can be shot only by pulling it backwards. So, when life is drawing us back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great. This quote has been so real in many of the person's life which we have come across. Main example which I can recall quickly is my husband.

Many times, I have been moved towards my husband. Though he is an engineer today holding up lots of responsibilities, his path of life is not so smooth. 

He was not a man born in silver spoon. His life does not leave in him in the bed of roses. He was actually thrown in a way of thorns. He was left without food many days. He started to work along with his parents at the age of 4. After joining school too, he was doing part time job to support in earning for his family. With his perseverance and hard work, he managed to score first class in his engineering degree and got a good job which helped his family to grow financially.

As an athlete, he crossed away from each and every obstacles, which made him very much powerful, forceful and commendable. 

As he was built up as a firm person, now he is so energetic and capable of facing more issues, he won't go down at any circumstances. I wonder seeing his confidence many times. I percept even a small problem as an enlarged one. But, he guided me in a way to solve it easily and help to cross it as well. I tried if I am like him. I am sure it is a bit tough for me.

I found out that, all the difficulties are a good teacher for us which make us to realize and follow certain exceptional things. It is nothing but perseverance and confidence

Also Positive Attitude.

Another person who has been developed as my true inspiration is Lionel Messi. He was born in central argentina. He was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency as a child. Barcelona's youth academy agreed to pay for his medical treatments and after the fast progression through the academy, he made his competitive debut at the age of 17 in October 2004. Then on, he started to climb up in the success stairs. With his perseverance and positive attitude, he achieved a lot.

Tata motors, an Indian multinational automotive industry, is a well known and top ranked industry among the world. Founded in 1945 by TATA group, Tata Motors is ranked 287th in the 2014 Fortune Global 500 ranking of the world's biggest corporations.  It is the world's 17th-largest motor vehicle manufacturing company, fourth-largest truck manufacturer, and second-largest bus manufacturer by volume. This industry has came up with many notable and attractive vehicles. 

This MNC company is known for its confidence, hard work and perseverance. In order to spectacle its strength and also as both shares the same characteristics, on 02 November 2015, Tata Motors announced Lionel Messi as global brand ambassador at New Delhi. Having Messi as its ambassador, Tata motors can attract the passengers globally and thereby promote our Indian's work world wide.

Colloboration of Tata motors with Messi is a perfect match. We can say this with a best analogy as " gold ornaments studded with diamond". Both of them shares their fame and fly high with their fame.

Here's the link -

Here's the quiz time for the readers. Answer the question below:

What do you think of Tata motor's association with Lionel Messi?

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Fact of life..

Thrilling movie acted by all unknowingly
Covered by many good and bad scenes
Provides lots and lots of experiences
Collectively all is a lesson for us

Some life filled with prosperity
Some filled with poverty
Some life filled with lies and cruelty
Some filled with truth and charity

Anytime anywhere when our life ends,
all the soul rests in the same place
without any discrimination,

sex caste creed colour money

So, this is true...!!!

Those things which we like,
Those persons whom we will love a lot,
Nothing follows us
No one accompanies us

Once after our game of life ends,
Its mystery is revealed, 
A light follows us which is a true enlightenment
Now we are living, enacting
Will follow the good behaviors, 
Do help each other
Make our little life a happier one
May all our soul rest in peace 
in life and after life

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Liebster Award Nomination 2015

Indian Bloggers

First of all, I am so happy and thankful to Vidya, who blogs here, for nominating me in Liebster award.

This is the first time for me to get nominated in this award.

Those who are new to Liebster award, here is the brief and its rules.

A brief about LIEBSTER Award :

The Liebster Award is given to recognize the new bloggers and welcome them to the world of blogging. This award has some rules to be followed which is given here:

  1. As a token of acceptance of the award, do write a blog post regarding the award and post the link of the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Display the award on your blog.
  3. Answer the questions raised by the blogger who nominated you.
  4. Nominate other bloggers.
  5. Post questions to those bloggers.
So simple right?

Here's the answer to Vidya's  questions.

  • What is the inspiration behind your blog?

    Expressing my thoughts to the world.

  • How you find time to write?

    I will make sure that I am allotting at least one hour a day daily for my blog. I feel so comfortable to write in the evening.

  • What is your favorite food / cuisine?

     Basically, I am a foodie. I love to eat. But, I wont restrict to a single cuisine. I like to try many cuisines and will enjoy it.

  • What is your comfort food?

      Though I am ready to all cuisines, I am so comfortable with my south indian dishes

  • As a parent how much quality time you spend with your kid? 

    At the least, I will be with my kid for 2 hours which makes me so relieved from my pains. No moment we can see him doing nothing. He will be preoccupied with many things which makes me so tough to handle him.

  • What makes you happy?

    Appreciation, Attain my desire, Fulfill the expectation of my family 

  • What is your favorite tourist place to visit with family?

   All time favorite place for me is Munnar. I can say, this is the place for peace and everyone will surely enjoy it.

  • What is your favorite TV channel and which show you like the most?

   In my free time, it is so rare I saw television. As TV remote need to get passed from my kid, it is difficult for my chance. when he is busy with some other games, I will get a chance. That time, I will be seeing any songs. Else, I will watch any reality show.

  • What inspires you to write?

   All the time, writing is a good tool to influence the society. Right from the independence, many were using this powerful tool to communicate with the people. Hence, to share my views, I took this tool which is inspiring me a lot.

  • Which is the most precious thing in your life?

  My family. Parents, husband and my kid makes the precious thing in my life.

I am happy to nominate the following bloggers for this award:

  1. Tennyson -
  2. Archana -
  3. Maitreni -
  4. Indrani Ghose -
  5. Mridula -
  6. Chinnagounder Thiruvenkatam -
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  9. Shweta -
  10. cifarshayar -

Here are the questions to my nominees:

  1. Who/what inspires you in writing?
  2. What's the most difficult about blogging for you?
  3. How are you managing time for your work life balance?
  4. What is the single activity which you love the most?
  5. What is the most special character in you which you adore in yourself?
  6. Which place you like to travel frequently?
  7. What 3 words describes you the best?
  8. List any 3 of your favorite blogger at the moment?
  9. What is your favorite quote?
  10. What are the tips/suggestions for the upcoming blogger?

So, why waiting? Start writing your blog post and do share me. 

Looking forward for your answers with lot of excitements.. 

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Always special..!!!

Indian Bloggers

There was a girl born in eighty seven
in a small town, for her it is heaven
Grown up surrounded by many persons
Taken care with loads of love and affection

She is so short tempered 
but wont let others down in need
She can go to any extent for her folks
She likes to be surrounded with people, No day she will be alone

She will believe in persons
and move with them quickly
But once she comprehends the real face, She quits soon
She knows broken bell cannot ring well

Believe in Love and affection
Trusts in truth, Holds god tightly
Alluring to be a child
Not ready to face the wild

She will keep on pester for a simple thing

but arrives at her own decision after sorting it out
With keen social responsibility 
allocates time for the needier 

She is special always 
With all these bundle of characters 
With unmatched aspects

After all, it is me..!!

Yes, Always I am special to me.. 

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