Friday, November 27, 2015

Love.. Not for sale..!!!

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First of all, I am thanking my sister for giving me this beautiful book for me. I was pushed to read it as I was sitting boredom at home. Feeling so reluctant, I started reading. To my astonishment, it was so entertaining and pleasing to read. The book was so wonderful due to which I managed to complete it within 2 days in spite of lot of work I had. 

                  Book Name:      Love . . .Not for Sale!
                  Author Name:  Anurag Garg

Moving on to review:

Any day, Any minute, Any second, twist and turns happens in life. Though we are a rich person, though we are strong enough to deal will any circumstances, we are no longer escaped from it. We will be trapped in that twists which can make our life upside down.

Some twists makes up happy. Some leaves us sad. Some teaches what is life. Some gives us a good relation. Some leaves us in an awesome memory. But, a single twists gives everything at an instance for Kabir Thapar, the hero of the book.

Kabir Thapar is the spoilt son of Thapar family, one of the wealthy family around. He misses his mother who died suddenly in cancer. Soon after her death, his father married another women. No day or no minute, his father spent with him. He longed for an actual love many times. But, he was left alone. 

Once after the time flies, he occupied with his own relationship. He had relationship with many girls who was ready to share their bed with him. Every night, he was with every new girl. 

A sudden twists came in his life when he hit a car, which came opposite to him while he was drunken driving at a high speed. He was thrown away and left unconscious. Once after he regained his consciousness., he realized that he killed 2 guys. Filled with shame, worry, anger and afraid of police, he escaped from there and ran away. In railway station, he entered into a train without knowing its destination. This was the first time travel in train for him. 

A millionaire son is now travelling in unclean, passenger train. The train stopped in old delhi. He started to run behind his destiny. He was left in GB road which is the red light area of delhi. Hoping that he wont be caught in police in this place, he got a room there and continue staying with one of the brothel agent. 

There, he met a girl named Sehar, who is a sex worker. A real love was slowly blossoming inside. It was not the love which he exhibited with those girls in pub and party. He realized that the love which he is having in Sehar is real and sincere. It does not arise as a pity in her. He loved to share his life with her. 

But, will the brothel agent will be so charitable to allow her to start a new life with him without considering her future earnings? can he be hidden from police for a long time? Will he share his past incidents to sehar? Will Sehar accepts a criminal to share his life? 

We can find answers to all these questions in reading this book. For sure, we all will be left with tears when we are ending up. Most of us have a question "why these all happened to me?". The same way, we tend to ask why should this be happened. 

Anyway, it is truly entertaining and interesting. 

Happy reading folks.. :-)

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