Friday, November 13, 2015

Fact of life..

Thrilling movie acted by all unknowingly
Covered by many good and bad scenes
Provides lots and lots of experiences
Collectively all is a lesson for us

Some life filled with prosperity
Some filled with poverty
Some life filled with lies and cruelty
Some filled with truth and charity

Anytime anywhere when our life ends,
all the soul rests in the same place
without any discrimination,

sex caste creed colour money

So, this is true...!!!

Those things which we like,
Those persons whom we will love a lot,
Nothing follows us
No one accompanies us

Once after our game of life ends,
Its mystery is revealed, 
A light follows us which is a true enlightenment
Now we are living, enacting
Will follow the good behaviors, 
Do help each other
Make our little life a happier one
May all our soul rest in peace 
in life and after life

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  1. A most innovative take on the prompt: well done.

  2. Indeed, the facts of life are basic and true but then, the variations on the facts of life of individuals. I like the last stanza very much. So very true and wish we could all read and do.

  3. Beautifully written.. :)

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  4. Smiles.. a little box can follow us
    around all our life..
    or we can
    live now..
    as.. as is
    as Love..:)

  5. Very well written on the meme. Good flow of words.