Saturday, November 7, 2015

Always special..!!!

Indian Bloggers

There was a girl born in eighty seven
in a small town, for her it is heaven
Grown up surrounded by many persons
Taken care with loads of love and affection

She is so short tempered 
but wont let others down in need
She can go to any extent for her folks
She likes to be surrounded with people, No day she will be alone

She will believe in persons
and move with them quickly
But once she comprehends the real face, She quits soon
She knows broken bell cannot ring well

Believe in Love and affection
Trusts in truth, Holds god tightly
Alluring to be a child
Not ready to face the wild

She will keep on pester for a simple thing

but arrives at her own decision after sorting it out
With keen social responsibility 
allocates time for the needier 

She is special always 
With all these bundle of characters 
With unmatched aspects

After all, it is me..!!

Yes, Always I am special to me.. 

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