Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Let's spread the world with peace..!!!

One fine evening in a five star hotel.

Birthday party is being celebrated at one of the restaurant. 5 year cute little girl, Amrita , is glittering like a doll in her birthday pink dress.

At the corner of the restaurant where the birthday party has been observed, a man with some nervousness in his face, looking so keenly. He was literally counting those persons there, and choosing a place for his operation.

Once after the cake cutting, everyone was scattered here and there 
chatting  with their friends and relatives.

Amrita kept on moving among many groups which were thrown here and there.

Finally, she reached the guy who was so busy in his operation.

She provided a piece of cake and chocolate to the guy.

He was so terrified and annoyed after seeing her. He shouted "Hey go back..!!!"

Amrita , "What happened uncle? why are you so agitated and looking so outraged?"

"Hey you little girl? can you please vacate the place. I am busy with my work."

"I am sure that you are occupied with your work. But, today is my birthday. I see that you have a resemblance of my dad. So, I wish I could provide you my cake. I feel so happy if you accept my little offer. "

"What? your dad.. Who is your dad? What is he doing?"

"He is no more uncle. He went to reside with God..!!!"

"Oh..!!" his anger was slightly reduced and asked "What happened to him?"

"He was a soldier, uncle. He fought for our nation. He stood against the terrorism and battled against the terrorists.  Though I miss him, I am proud of my father. "

He was dumb struck.

"What is your father, uncle"

"He is no more."

"oh.. he was also a soldier is it?"

He could not find answer to her question as his was also following the son's work of 
terrorism and being a bomber. His father died when he was attacking the Taj hotel by the police men, which took place in 2008.

"Okay uncle..! Please don't worry..!! all the world is our relations. Your father is died of a noble cause of saving hundreds and thousands of our people. So, you must be proud of that instead of worrying."

He felt so ashamed to hear these innocent words from a little girl. His father died along with 160 innocent people who came there to spend their time in the star hotel. 

She again continued, "At school, I was taught about out pledge saying All Indians are brothers and sisters!! So, why are you worrying. All are our relations only. 
Hence, we are here not to worry.  We can get comfort with all others and do our duty. Definitely, God will be with us and help us in all the sake.Only thing is we need to be true to our self.

She ended with a cute smile when he got a call from his boss regarding his new operation of attacking this hotel.

He seemed to be cleared to an extent 
after the talk of this adorable kid. He arrived at a decision.

"your mobile is ringing uncle..!!!"

"Thanks for opening my eyes ma..!!!"

"What? What happened uncle...!!!"

"Amrita!! Amrita!!" a sound came suddenly.

"Hush.. My mother is searching for me. Ok Uncle. I am going.. Please take this chocolate and cake for you. See you later.. Bye.."

She disappeared in the light glowing after throwing light on his mind.

Again, boss is calling. He switched off the mobile and ate the chocolates given by Amrita.

It was sure that he wont switch on the mobile again. 

Let's hope this inner change shall come from all the terrorists before they are ready for the bomb blast. Afore they are going ahead for the terrific attacks, they can spend some time realizing the fact that all are human beings. No animal is wishing to murder other animals. Then why humans need to exhibit this barbaric nature? Why this much cruelty spreading around? 

No God wishes this inhumanity from any religion.

Let's believe for a change.

Let's spread the world with peace.

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  1. Wow! Incredible story!
    Very beautiful Hema, loved reading it.

  2. Indeed no religion promotes violence.. Let there be peace please. Well written!

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche! -