Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Man in the road side

The man sitting in the corner of the road side where a big vacant land was there. With an unsightly look, wearing ragged clothes, surrounded with many dogs and cats, he was having some food which was given by some passers by or near by people. He was like an objects in the museum. No one will miss him from their eyes. They will be starring at him. But, he, without caring about anyone, he will be carrying out his own work. 

Whoever provide him food, he will be storing with a old torn bag. Once the time for food comes, he will take the food out of his torn bag. All the dogs and cats aside comes closer to him. With the food he got, he will have a good lunch and dinner. Dinner is very good when we have it together. He has realized it and following that. 

After food, he used to sing some songs which helps him to relieve from his sorrows. Everyone in and around, also, will be enjoying it so nicely. 

A building was about to be constructed in the vacant land near which the man was sitting. A mall was about to be constructed. The millionaire, the land owner, was visiting the place too often to see the building plan and structure. 

The man in his ragged clothes was trapped in the eyes of the millionaire which was irritating for him like a dust in his eyes. He asked his employees, who will be accompanying him, to try to move the man from the place which is so important from the sake of the millionaire as this will be too worse after building a mall there. 

When there is a hope in life, everyone will be afraid of threatening. But, why this man need to get afraid of it. Though he was threatened, he was following his routine happily and also stubborn in his decision of not moving out of the place. He was not ready to vacate the place in which he was sitting there for many years. 

Many moves were followed to make the man to get out from the place. Some heavy men came and started using abuse words, risque words. No use.

Everyone started to scold him as he was too much stubborn. They were confused and thinking why the hell he is so stubborn and not taking their words

A guy who was living in the same street for a long time, knows the fact. He was thinking about the incident with tears in his eyes. 

Once in the same street, a happy couple was driving alongside when a sudden accident happened while a four wheeler turned in an unexpected way. Though the fault is in the four wheeler, the affected was as usual the one who came right. The girl beside is died in the spot and the guy was left with the soul alone in his body but with many injuries. He was successfully recovered physically. But, not mentally. Once after his discharge from the hospital, he came back to the same spot and burst out with a loud cry. No one can console him as they were also in an uncontrollable feeling for the couple.

Hence, how can he vacate his place?

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