Friday, November 6, 2015

An Aesthetic Diwali With a Change...!!!

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Diwali season is nearing. Diwali - A word which has a bundle of joy and happiness in it. Diwali means the row of lighted lamps. Now a days, diwali is a mix of sound and light which are so beautiful moments. After all, Diwali is based on hindu facts, yet now it is celebrated widely by most of the people irrespective of the religion they are. 

Sweets, new dresses, food and crackers takes the main role in the festival. 

Whenever I hear the name diwali, I will be having a quick flashback when I used to spend times in my grandma house with many relatives. She used to tell me the story behind the diwali. In the morning, we all will take the oil bath with hot water which makes us so fresh and will wear the new dress which is much awaited for us. After the refreshment, we will be provided with good breakfast of non-vegetarian. From the morning, the full day will be of huge pleasure with bursting of crackers and eating sweets, enjoying with all in our family. We used to long for the day to come again and again though it is not possible. 

Hindu facts behind Diwali:

Diwali will be celebrated during the second-half in the month of october to first-half of the month of november. This festival is celebrated in the same day or thithi when Lord krishna killed the demon Narakashura. Before the lord kills him, the demon asked a boon to him that he wished the day to be celebrated with great enjoyment and happiness by the people. Krishna assured the same which is been followed by us till date.

Changes Looking Forward:

Everything needs a change as change is perpetual. Though in my childhood I would be longing for those days of conventional routines followed, now as a grown up, I am looking forward for a change. There are many key points which is pushing us to say no for crackers. Say, crackers are prone to environmental pollution and noise pollution. These crackers are like the one which burns our money to ashes. Happiness is guaranteed with it. But, is that crackers is the only way to provide us the delight? Shopping is always happening now a days and new dress we can wear any day not only for Diwali.  

So how about celebrating with a change? 

In the day of Diwali, we can plan a day or so outing with family. As we are running towards our work daily, we need a day to be spent with our family. We can enjoy with our family on this day in outside without television, mobile phones which is eating our time a lot. In these festive days, television is making us a prison to sit before it and we can't find time for our family.

We can also have other idea to care. Happiness also comes in givingWe can choose any orphanages or old age homes and donate for them. These are the places which consists of the souls who are all longing for other's to spend time for them. They will be so elated and cheerful when they feel the presence with them.

We can also distribute food packets to some people based on our budget. We can see many truly deserving people who are suffering from hunger. We can try to fulfill their hunger at the least for a day which gives us the true joy and satisfaction. 

As narakashura wished, we will be filled with delight and joy if we follow even these instead of having the same old method of only burning the crackers, new dress, good food at our home. 

I am looking forward for this new kind of shift in this upcoming diwali with ecstasy.

Wish you all a happy and blasting Diwali...!!!

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