Tuesday, November 17, 2015

S for Sacrifice...!!!

The place filled with blood shed

Dance of the cruelty is profound

Situation became disgusting

Sprouting buds burnt to ashes

Countless children earning the name of orphan,

which they won't even aware of

Copious parents deprived of their sons

Plenty of wives turning into widow

Why this abominable cruelty?

Hunger of terrorists culminated this brutality

Who gave them the right to pull the souls from other bodies?

All the people having peaceful sleep, 

which is resulted from the sacrifice of these soldiers

End of terrorism is badly indispensable

No man can be changed by external push

Internal notion of them makes a difference

Let's say no to terrorism and war

Let's pave the way towards the peace

Let's Join the hands for world unity

Joining the campain of peace with blogadda - #BloggingForPeace

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  1. i wish i could perform magic ....

    Have a nice abc-day/- week
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  2. I am for world unity ~ Thanks for the much needed words on peace ~