Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sound in the night..!!!

No day I find me lying in the bed alone. Always I need a soul beside me. Their presence serves me a comfort which in turns crops up a good sleep in me. 

The same way, I was lying with my son holding his hand on me on one night. It was a sound sleep when I heard a sudden resonant noise. 

I could hear as if someone opening the door. 

Suddenly, butterflies were flying inside my stomach. My level of confidence is slowly contracting.

I am not sure whats the next I need to do. The sound started to hear very sharply. 

To augment my jitters, fan too stopped abruptly. Shit!! the power was cut. 

Oh God..!!! Please help me to pass this night. 

Yes.. He answered. Fan started again after 10 minutes. 

Taking all my courage, which was literally empty, I stood beside my bed. 

I started walking slowly towards my closed bedroom door. I managed to open the door with my shivering hands. I stepped out of the room so reluctantly.

I was partially wet with my sweat. Gradually, step by step, I was moving towards the place where I was hearing the noise.

Very near it was. I could hear the sound very clearly which says I am right before the place. 

Sigh.. I forgot to close the window of the kitchen.. 

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  1. Goddurn moggie cat burglars !

  2. LOL, don't you hate when that happens, all that workup because you forgot to close the window. I appreciate the satire! (I hope that is what aimed at, if you meant to convey pure fear, my bad)

  3. Great finish!!! Love the suspense and resolution!