Thursday, October 29, 2015

Do we have a real freedom?

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Some incidents which we come across in our day to day life is making me to ask the question "do we really have the freedom?".  The more and more, we are becoming modernized and digitized, the more and more we are becoming slave to many unwanted procedures. Also, without knowing the reason, we are caught into the mouse trap and unaware to how to come out of it.

We are still struggling.

Recently, we went to a theater which is located in the multiplex mall. 

As everyone knows, we were not allowed to take water bottles, food items though we have a kid or elderly people. Even if we have it by mistake, we need to place all those in the entry where there will be allotted place for it. Then, we need to proceed towards the entrance. 
As 3 hours we cant be there without water, we are compelled to get a water bottle price of which will be double the normal rate. We cant even open the mouth even if we know the true price of it for many reasons.

Coming back to the incident which I faced there is forcing me to ask this question again and again. 

An elderly couple came to the theater along with their son's family. As the grandfather accompanied them is a diabetes patient, he will be frequently prone to hunger and for him, he took his special food with low sugar. 

Moving on to the problem here which is so simple was, though he is an elder, a patient, he was not allowed to take his water or snacks whichever he bought. 

He was told that, he can eat outside the premises and go inside the theater. I was searching the lost humanity there. The girls who were stopping him from taking those snacks were also helpless. They were afraid of the management which is forcing them to do this inhumane thing. 

At least, there should be an exemption for these people mainly patients, elders, pregnant ladies, kids who have their own limitations. Recently, I heard a rule was enacted to permit us to include a water bottle or else, theater management needs to provide free water bottle for all. Click here to know more. 

But, I am sure that most of the theaters are not still following this. In this rule, they can also include some snacks item too for needy persons.

Many are struggling with this barbaric behavior of the theaters. Affordable people can spend as much they want. Still, there is also seats with price of Rs.10 for poor people. We also need to consider about the poor or lower middle class people who could not buy any. 

To improve theater's business, they are troubling the normal people which is truly punishable.

Again, we don't know when we will be relieved from this unwritten procedure?

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  1. Yes many people are victim of this day light robbery. The snacks price is 3 times the ticket price. Not allowing water is the heights.

  2. But cinemas are supposed to provide free drinking water!

    For the rest, you are absolutely right. It's swindling that is going on.