Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Long lasting journey

Ashok ignited his recently bought car with an hurry. With his heavy heart, he was sure he can't be at home any more. He was so depressed. Without deciding about any destination, he started his journey.

He believed driving makes him chill out from his problems. Along with driving, he was chewing his memories about Shweta. It is imperishable. He was not known that these sweet remembrance will be following him continuously where ever he goes.

Shwetha was his school mate. She is now her colleague. From his school days, he had a crush with her. But, as the days passed on, he was about to forget her with the changing days and his new job which he got placed from campus.

As a fresher, he joined this MNC company which was his ambition. He was flying away with lot of enjoyment and new commitments. After one month of his work, when he was roaming around the corridor of his floor, he met a girl. 

His eyes got placed on her. He could not believe what is happening to him. He was so surprised. Calling his sense back, his legs automatically moving towards the girl. 

Yes. She is his Shweta. She too remembered him and again a new episode of friendship started. His long back crush, now slowly changed to a real love. Once, he believed that he could not imagine a life with out shweta. His bonding with her went so strong. He guessed, she too has the same feeling.

3 years went off very happily. He bought a new car of his own. His standard of life got still more increased. He felt he was blessed.

On one fine day, he thought of proposing his love to him. With regaining his strength, 

He started, "Shweta, I think... ". 

Shwetha, "You think.. What Ashok? tell me.. "

"I think I am in love with you.."

Shweta face reaction changed. Though she was feeling happy inside, she could not exhibit her true feelings to him as she was thinking about her uncle who is taking care of her. She lost her parents in an accident and uncle is taking care of her. Now, she cant decide without informing him. She too has no courage to inform him regarding this. 

She told her whole story again to Ashok who already knows it. Ashok convinced her that he will talk to him or he will make his parents to talk to him. But she didnt accept. She left the place. 

Ashok could not digest this. Once he left his school, he was feeling for her so much. But now, though he got a nice oppurtunity, he missed her. She didnt accept him which made him to worry more.

Hence, he was driving in the night so rashly.

He drove all night.

Around 9 in the morning, again he returned to his home with dislike. He was getting ready to office. Once he dressed up, he was searching for his mobile which he threw off the day before when he started for driving. It was switched off. After placing in charger, he switched on.

What a glow in his face. A sudden spark happened which made him to jump. He felt as though he was in top of the world. 

It was a message from Shweta  in whatsapp saying, "Hey Ashok, I really love you da. But, as I could not decide alone, I could not accept it immediately. Also, I was not so bold enough to act against my uncle. I thought my uncle will be against our love. But, my assumption was wrong. But, pulled my courageousness for your sake and informed your proposal to him. He was so sweet. He asked me to bring you and said he will decide after seeing you. I am expecting everything happens fine. I love you dear. I like you so much. Sorry if I pained you a lot. Waiting to meet you in office. Bye."

He started jumping, dancing. He was laughing out with happiness.

He rushed his car towards his office. His Shweta is waiting for him. Their eyes mingled with each other. Without any stammer, with courage, with loads and loads of love, Ashok told "I love you Shweta. You are only for me". Shweta with blushing, nodded her head. 

Uncle too liked him and ended up with sweet wedding with the approval of Ashok's parents too.

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