Saturday, October 10, 2015

Year end is in its way...!!!

Awww... Its october now. I never knew this fast the days goes. As other years, this year too gave me a bundle of good and bad experience. It did taught me the lesson of life. I feel myself sill more matured. Learnt many good things. I am sure day by day I am growing inside.

How can I forget this big twist in my life. This year, I turned as a blogger. Got many good comments from most of the versed writers and bloggers.

I find myself so satisfied after associating myself with an NGO. I could see the real face of life over there. 

As I said before, this year is so memorable for me. Many good things resulted in this year. 

I pray to God "O My dear God..!!! Thank you so much for this experiences I face day by day. Thanks for your work in molding me to a good sculpture. Also, Thanks for being with me always. Continue your blessings on me and guide me in a good way."

Fast and fast the days goes
  Diverse and diverse of experiences we face
  Long and long we run behind our goals
  Run and run to reach the target
  Love and relish our life till our phase ends
  Sow the seed of love and duty with fulfillment
  Reap the good relationship and success 
  with pride and pleasure

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  1. May the year continue to bring blessings into your life :)

  2. and here's wishing every year is MORE BLESSED ...

    good luck always