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Jenifer was awarded as a Best Entrepreneur 2015 

Jenifer, 30 years old, from chennai, Tamil Nadu, India selected and awarded as a best entrepreneur in the ABC Awards Celebration. She is a tough person, hard worker, team worker, innovative and intelligent, a good motivator and team leader. We can keep on add her skills.

Here is a  short interview with her.

"Hello Jenifer. Good Morning. Its pleasant to see you"

"Hello Jade. Very good morning. Its my pleasure."

"Let me shoot up my first question to you. What made you reach to this position? Who are all behind your success?"

"Well, I can elaborate my life history so that you all can well understand my past.

 First of all, I am not a person who is born with silver spoon. My parents were from lower middle class. But still, they have managed to meet all my basic requirements. We were all very happy those days. Good and healthy food, good education in central board, good time to pass with my mother and sister. We were only devoid of an own house which was my dream.

I completed my graduation and joined a medical laboratory where researches were going on. I was enjoying my work to the core.

An appropriate day came when my marriage was arranged. I was clear in my career and marriage and also prepared to balance these two as both family and my career are important to me.

To my disappointment, my husband was thoughtless. He said, "As I am working, It's not necessary for you to continue your work. We have ample money. So, take your decision soon and relieve for the company".

When I was working after 7, I was told "Hey Jeni, its time for you to start. As a women, you need to start early so that you reach safe. We will take care of your work. Don't worry"

When I was doing some risky work, "No Jeni. You should not even try this. As you are weak, you cant. We will take care of it.."

"No Jeni.. you should not speak those words"

"No Jeni.. you should not behave like this in a society"

"Jeni.. This is not your dress to wear in public"

There was several "No's". Not only for me. For almost all of the women.

I was uptight  and left with a question that "Does I need equality or empathy?" "Do I need to consult everyone before taking the decision for me?" "Do I not have a right of freedom?" "Are we, all the women, has a right to act on their own?" " Why are we all tied to this type of a custom?"

I still felt woozy and puzzled. I was thinking how to overcome this problem.

I tried explaining to my husband that "I am not working only because of money. I am working to stand alone and also for my self respect." He was so stubborn and not in a position to understand me.

I left him. I took an idea of running a business on my own of a research laboratory. I have saved good amount of money by which I started a small research and medical laboratory. I got a good team and started working there so enthusiastically. Without any time for my leisure, I worked hard.

I used to carry myself in a way that every one look at me as a talented, courageous, and a good person.

My lab came up in a good condition and once we did our research on pesticides for farmers, it reached its peak. Everyone praised me.

I was very much delighted. I proved that for holding the cup of victory, men or women status is not important. Only true and hard work is important. Also I am confident now that all the women now need an equality which is so vital than empathy or pity for them.

I find myself as a true winner. Also, I found an answer to my many questions which was haunting me all the time."

Jade, from his heart said, "Very much inspiring and thought provoking, madam. I hope many women will be moved with your life history. They all will be aroused with this story and every women will prove with their in-built talent. Thanks for your time.. "

Jenifer, again told, "the pleasure is mine. Every women has a tremendous power. These power need to be utilized for the better development of the society. Thank you"

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  1. A good post here Hema...... being unable to understand the feelings of the other person is the root cause of many social evils.

  2. Well said, and must say..quite a direct hitting post...
    Such issues need to be spoken of directly - rather than speaking in sugar coated tone.
    Repeated references to ...." No you should not, you are not".. indeed pessimistic, but harsh reality

    Very apt for a WoW post.

  3. What a great use of all those word prompts. I had to remind myself that this was for a writing exercise because it seemed very true or at least I would like it to be true. Well done!

  4. Sadly full emancipation and acceptance that women are equally able to live work and enjoy their lives is still slow in coming in many areas of the world. Misogyny (hatred of women) particularly when performing tasks that men think they should do so they are more controlled is probably related to the gift that women have in being responsible for bringing new life into the world. Equality has never a been a favorite topic for men for thousands of years.