Tuesday, October 27, 2015

5 tips for your baby's skin care

It was November 1. I could not forget the day and its night. Around 11 in the night, I was in a peak of pain and shouting like anything. My tolerance went on with a question. My resistance was flew away. After 3 hours of a big tragedy I could hear a small cry. First time, I realized even others cry will make me happy and relieved. 

My son was born. 

I was enjoying a real delight and pleasure keeping aside my huge agony. That time, I realized that he was my treasure. I was responsible for him to offer a safe and healthy life. 

As my mother was with me, I was so happy that a good support was there for me to take care of my son. She will be helping me to provide healthy and nourishing foods for him and also with good care for his skin.

We were following many herbal ways to guard him from many problems, mainly skin related problems. Complications based on baby's skin is too common and parents need to play a crucial role in handling these problems.

I followed mainly 5 tips which worked out so well. Here, I am sharing these for many parents who are all seeking our for the help.

Sunny Morning:

                Vitamin D is the vital nutrient which has many benefits. This vitamin helps us in maintaining the good skin condition, effective heart and blood vessels, strengthens bones and muscles. Baby needs it so badly to have a glowing skin and to strengthen its bones which is so crucial. In the morning by 7, he will be awake. With bare body, I will take him to our upstairs where there is a free flow of this good vitamin. We both will be enjoying the shower of morning sunlight which makes him a vitamin D holder thereby preventing him from any deficiency.

Oil Massage:

 After that, he is ready for our oil massage. We used coconut oil which is worthy. At least for 10 - 15 minutes, we will give him a good massage which makes him so sleepy(One way which is very good for me :-) )

Bathing with Herbal Mixture:

 Then comes the time to take bath. My mother used a herbal mixture which she will grind for him freshly. We will keep this mixture for 1 or 2 months. Then again she will make it. That secret mixture is nothing but besan powder, green gram, kasturi turmeric. As this is herbal, skin has good glowing and also no side effects.

Wipe with proper wipes:

We also had moisturizing wipes as a better option for cleansing baby skin. The perfume or alcohol in some wipes can further irritate and dry baby's skin. Hence, we need to so careful to chose the safer wipes. Due to mild, pH-neutral cleansing lotion that pampers wipes contain, we used it.

Usage of healthy and appropriate diapers:

Use proper good diapers for babies. As the diaper area is easily prone to infection, crucial part of us is to use a proper, healthy and safer diaper to our baby. Change the diapers frequently. Remove it immediately when wet or soiled. Clean it with the wipes or wash the diaper area with mild cleanser or warm water. 

My pink sweety 

Hope this was useful for you all.. :-)

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