Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Time please...!!!

Smart phones becoming too smarter. Recently I came across a quote saying "Smart phones has replaced our watch, alarm, calculator. But don't let it to replace our relationship too." It's very much true based on the current condition. The shocking news is even a kid from 3 years getting addicted towards the mobile and its apps.

It feels so nostalgic for me if I remember about my past days which mostly i will be spending in my grandma house. There we have a big garden. We used to plant many, remove the weeds there, watering the plants, nurturing it. Time will be flying off. We have a good time pass over there. Whenever each and every flowers bloom, vegetables grown, fruits ripen, we will be jumping here and there. We used to see the each and every stages of it so keenly. I will be waiting for each Saturday when I will get a chance to go to my granny home, with my grandpa I will look for all the garden related activities.

I am very much worried as today's kids are missing many of those true happiness in this digitized world comparatively as we enjoyed in our childhood.When I was enjoying my schooldays, mainly if I am in my granny house, we all be happier with the reunion of our relations which happens so frequently. We all be relishing by planting many trees, playing board games and hide and seek with them, planting trees in the garden, and chatting with our relations. 

As nuclear family is prevalent now, our kids and also us, not knowing the value of real pleasure and togetherness now. Everyone's common dialog now will be there is no time.

Time is available for free. But, managing time is a crucial part in our day to day activity. Though we have lot of commitments, we need to relax our self, allot some time to our nature too, mingle with others, chat with our friends, spend time with our family and relations, control the usage of smart phones which makes us feel fresh and enjoyable.

From parenting, we can start our activities for associating our self. Spending our valuable time with our kids is so important now. We need to engage our kids in all activities like gardening, washing our vehicles, cleaning room etc which may prevent them from too much engaging with their phones or television.

Real togetherness is being with our family and relations, spending valuable time with them. We are in a position to relieve our self from the custody of the digital prison. Everyone are so busy with their apps and are not ready to spend time with their loved ones.

Now, to make us enjoy and feel the real togetherness, Kissan has come up with a new campaign of Kissanpur. The concept is so simple. We need to register for it, order the tomato seeds online which is available in their website itself, help your kid grow yummy ripe tomatoes like the ones that go into making Kissan Ketchup. They can also earn the points based on their activities and the top scorers will go on to become Kissanpur's Little Heroes. They will be featured on Kissan Ketchup bottles.

So, why waiting for.. Lets start this activity, get together with our families and relations, lets help our kids score high to become little hero

Here is the link to register in Kissanpur activity -

Here's the video depicting the joy of real happiness.. 

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  1. Not really that easy in the present world - lets hope for the real togetherness to happen :)