Thursday, April 16, 2015

Trip to Coorg - Day 2

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Our next day that is second day trip started. We vacated the cottage from coorg and started with our car. The place is mandalpatti where we are yet to travel. We never heard of the place before. So, we were not that much excited. We started with a mindset of seeing another place in our itenary. After having our breakfast, we started from our vehicle. Driver stopped the car near the place where we turned for Abbey falls. He said, mandalpatti needs to be reached by jeep as the road is not so proper there. Hence, we got down from car, got a jeep and made our self comfortable. My son was excited as this was the first time he is getting into a jeep.

Jeep started. Road was so steep. I was afraid at first. Then, as it went on, the climate, mountains all made me to enjoy. It’s a place to enjoy and feel the fragrance of nature.

Here are some of the pics taken from mandalpatti.

Wow. How wonderful is our nature. This place is mainly for film spot. Many songs were taken here it seems. But, we were not aware of it till we reached there.

With no interest, we returned to our vehicle. The next place is Omkareshwarar temple. There we had a good darshan. Then, we started to Raja’s seat. This place is under renovation. Though the park was all opened for tourist, many works were going on for renovation.  View point was also good there.

For kids, separate small park was there with a little train running. My son had good time with that train. 

Then, we started to see Kaveri Nisargama dam. This place has a good fly over bridge, for walking, on top of river cauveri. 

Lot of stalls were there for hand craft items, chocolates and ladies accessories. I don’t want to get scolding from my husband for shopping again as I did previous day itself. So, controlling my temptation, I wandered along with them. But there was no proper sign board. Even the people who were having stores there could not guide the tourist properly. Also, there were some language problem. We could see lot of boards here and there saying deer park, animals zoo and all. But no one to guide us there. Even if we walk for some meters, we could see a dead end. So, we had no way other than to return from there.

With this, coorg completed and we are travelling back to mysore. On the way to Mysore, we have golden temple which is a tibetian monastery of lord budha. Temple was maintained so calm and neat. We did meditation for a while there. Mind was in peace and we loved being there for some time. 

We heard some sound of drums after some time. Prayer started. Their prayer is very different. Everyone had a plate in their hand. In that plate, all had different items of food. One had milk, one had mirinda, other had bread like that. All after prayer, they were dropped in dust bin. We could not figure out what is the idea behind it. Also some different instruments were played and they were praying lord in their language. I was interested to be there and see their prayer for a while. But, as we need to reach mysore, we need to start from there on time.

We reached a hotel from Golden temple where we settled down for the day, a tiresome and an awesome day. Driver completed that day itenary and asked us to be ready by 7 in the next day morning. Next day is to explore the places in Mysore.

Get ready to get into mysore. J

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