Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 3 - Mysore Trip..

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As the time specified by our driver, we got ready and started in our four wheeler. We started our day with chamundeeswari temple in chanmudeeswari hills. This is a shakthi peetam and very powerful kali is residing here. But, the place is as usual behaving as a business place. All were giving importance to only power money. From Iyer and persons with small store were keen with a paper of money. Everywhere people are same.

After a while, we returned to nandi which is a big statue of nandi with lingam. This is some miles down from the chamundeeswari temple.


Next place we went is very artistic. It is sand museum where we could see creativity to the core. God, goddess, Mahabharata concepts, aqua world and so on were depicted with sand which is awesome.


We went to wax museum subsequently.  By taking music as a core value, it depicted musicians and all types of music forms like western music, carnatic music in wax. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take a picture in it.
In the same compound, we had other interesting house. Ghost house. Actually, I am not interested to go as my son will also get afraid and starts to cry. But, with a compulsion of my hubby, I went with him. After going to them, I was very frightened. Holding my husband’s hands tightly and closing eyes of my son, I came out of that terrified house.

Next place is my most awaited place. If we tell Mysore itself, everyone thinks about this place only. Yes. It’s Mysore palace. Actually, most of the places in mysore belongs to mysore kings family. From mysore bus stand, many were their property. Only some portions of the palace were allowed for tourist. By 2013, last successor of mysore king were died. As he don’t have any son, at present there is no king. Diwali and dasara is the biggest festival for them and they will celebrate it in a grand manner.

We had elephant safari to roam over the palace. Many temples were there. Also, sandals, soap, mysore silk sarees were also kept for sale in many stalls.
After finishing our lunch, we went to tippu sultan fort and palace. All Indians need to have a kook in to this place which will give a true patriotism feelings and how struggle has happened for our independence.
The last place in our beautiful trip is Krishna raja sagara dam with its attractive Brindavan garden. My husband was longing for this dam and garden because of why we landed there very early. But, several people were early before us. The highlight of the garden is its beautiful water fountains and musical and dancing fountain which will occur every day for the tourist attraction. Unfortunately, we missed it as we had train at 8. We need to start by 6 to catch it. Anyway we reached there by 4 and spent around 2 hours there. Lots and lots of plants, splendid variety of flowers, waters were surrounded there.

With good and awesome memories, we started from there, got Mysore pak, the sweet famous in the city, had dinner there (very early but still we had as I could not eat the food in train), and reached mysore railway station. Our heart filled with good memories, beautiful sceneries, said a big bye to the marvellous city and hoping to go there again.

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