Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Think 2wise before you act once..

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Well, this is has been more than a week I am seeing my blog for posting a topic. Many reasons came in top for me preventing to key down my post. But recent incident made me to think about this proverb which I thought to share with you all.

This is a common proverb which everyone might have came across. Usually, at school time we will be told a story behind every proverb. Having more interest in reading the story, I have come across this proverb. But, recent incident made me to think how wiser and true is this.

Recently, I joined Agaram as a volunteer. After completing my training program there, I started my activity. Selection process for the students were going on for all the sundays for the past 2 months. Unfortunately, this past sunday i could not go there. So, i thought of going on saturday and do some work which will be plenty usually. I reached there by 11. I saw some bunch of application forms kept as it is. I checked with the other volunteer over there regarding the same. They told it need to be verified as the students have been called many times to attend the selection process. but still they didn't turned out. So, I took up the work and started to check whether they will be available for the next day(Sunday) selection process. Around 10 application forms I checked, some were not picked up the call. some answers made me in a assortment of feelings.

In Agaram, lot of process is followed to select a deserving student. Deserving is the key word here. There will be many applicants. But, our big challenge is in selecting a right student who are in actual need, good education skills and right attitude. Student will be writing his/her background letter on their own and attach the photocopy of certificates like sslc marksheet, income certificate etc along with it. Filtering starts from this. After that, in call we will carry out a background verification. Next comes two main level of interview where both the students along with their parents come to chennai and voluteers will conduct a face to face interview with them. Once they got selected in this, again they have to undergo other selection and training process. Keeping this aside, for this interview, volunteers will be following up with each and every applicants to make them attend the interview.

Likewise, on saturday too, I was calling upon many applicants to make them reach chennai the next day so that they will get a chance to change their life. When i called, i got different shocking answers from them. Some informed me saying they could not come to chennai. some informed they dont want to send their children to study or make them study in chennai. Some gave some silly excuses for not coming. Those applications are received to us long back and we were tracing them up for almost 2 or 3 weeks. I was thinking twice there as I am playing with the future of the student. But, parents or guardian of the actual students are not worried about that.

We need to think two main situation here. One is the future of the student. If the applicant or the student didnt turned up for the interview, he/she is actually rejected and a big question mark will be before them if they will get a proper higher education. Other situation is the time invested by every volunteer in handling this applicant. If they didn't apply for Agaram, we wont be struggling or wasting our time with them. As they applied, we were thinking for the applicant's future. Why are they not thinking of anything. I was in a confused state. But still, my time ran over there.

I started from there by evening with a puzzle of emotions thinking all those students.Their background letter was very dreadful to read. There were minimal chance for all those student's higher education. Their situation made me heavyhearted and also I was thinking that they are missing a big opportunity. Hence, the proverb suits all and we need to think twice before we act at any time.

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