Sunday, May 31, 2015

No more fooling...

My aunt, Neighbour. I loved her. From my birth, she was with me. She will feed food for me, take a walk with her, dress up me well. She does all the motherly activities. I am always fond of her. I will be moved with her dressings. She carries herself so well. Everyone likes her and her speech. I wish if she could visit our home for all the week ends. She will get me dresses, chocolates and all I like. She take me to the market. Asks if I need any. As I was young, I was not shy in asking. I will ask her some fancy items, slippers and will be delighted.

Days rolled away. She got married and got a baby boy. I could feel a bit change in her activities soon after her marriage. Her arrival to our home got reduced. She told me once before her marriage, I am her first daughter at any day though she gets a baby. But, its not the case. Fooling starts resulting in my disappointment.

Few times, I asked her why not coming to see me. Even I am her daughter. (thinking so..) But, she told she was held with work related to her baby. I felt as though I was destroyed completely. So, this is the truth. I am not her daughter. I am just a girl to her. Her priority changed from me to her baby.

I was so young to understand this. Also, I am too small to face this big disappointment. I could not bear that I became fooled. But still, rarely she comes with her family which was somewhat soothing for me. 

I was not aware that a big shock is waiting for me. I got a news after some years. She is travelling abroad with her family. I was ruined completely. She didn't even have time to come and meet me. Just a call came from her to inform the news and she flied off.

Cry.. cry.. cry.. went on for a week. Only my mother was there to console me. So, this is real. Always my mother was with me. All others were passing clouds. My trust in her started drifting and vanished once completely. 

As everyone says "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.". Now I could realize the fault was with me to simply believe in her words that I am her daughter. As the trust, love and affection comes in, analytical thinking in us went out and simply we will believe them. Also, As I was very young, I was believing everyone blindly. Life is a good teacher. She will teach everything as days were moving. 

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  1. Yes, i agree our Mothers are the only ones we can trust and rely on, no matter what. It's sad to know about your heartbreak with your chithi. It happens. Only that we should understand that she has a life too and let go of it. Nice writeup.

    A Rat's Nibble