Friday, May 15, 2015

An user friendly app..

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Basically I am a person who won’t satisfy soon. I won’t rely on things easily. But, once if I got convinced with any, either it can be a person or a service, I will not change it. One of the best example I could say is my mobile service provider, it’s my Airtel. I would say, from my college days, I am using airtel whose service liked me a most. I am keeping both broadband connection and mobile service provider of Airtel whose service pleased me more.

With a revolution of smart phones, every company is coming up with their own android app which is user friendly. In the same way, we got My Airtel mobile app. I received a message asking me to install airtel mobile app. With a hesitation, I installed it just to check what the special features in it are.

But actually, I went on with astonishment after installing it. To my surprise, I am very happy to see lot more features in it. Also, it is very user friendly. Here, I can spell out some of the key features which will be useful to all.

With our changing life style, three quarter of our population is having their androids for which they are searching for proper internet plans. To fulfill their entire quest, we have separate 3G menu in the home page which is suitable for everyone without any age difference. In the specified menu, we have lot of useful options. Once we recharge with a mobile 3G plan, we used to think about the data balance and how much data do we consumed. Previously, I used to note down a number, dial it and I will receive a message saying the balance. Now, its made easy. Balance checking field provides the data we have consumed till date in the menu itself.

Related to 3G, we have another option were we can estimate our use of data and we can recharge accordingly. Its awesome right. The option is 3G tarriffs as per usage. By answering some questions like pages we browse per day, apps we download per day etc., My Airtel app itself will estimate for us and we will arrive at a good idea for us to recharge for our mobile data.

We also have a separate privilege for giving a service request from our app itself. we also have special offers menu in the home page which contains a list of offers and suitable plans for our recharges. In addition, a get it button along with the offers allows us to recharge with the selected plan listed out there which makes our work even more easier. 

Other notable choice of menus are viewing my profile, add or remove a new product and other services like airtel mirchi FM, airtel music etc. Manage service, one more menu,  has lot of options like news, entertainment listed out in a drop down. We can activate the services whatever we want.

Hence, its like a package of user friendly options to make our work easier and simpler. I became very addictive to the app very soon. Hope everyone too like it.. :-)

Here's the link to Airtel:

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  1. Me too an Airtel user from college days..But I use 2G..As 3G data gets over very fast!