Friday, May 22, 2015

Life without google

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During my school days, We will be made to prepare for our speech and speak in front of the class. Each and everyone gets their turn, selects their topic and prepare for it by referring books in the library. We will be allowed to take only 2 books. But, we need to have more books so we will be pestering our librarian for lending book for a single day. This situation is obsolete now as Google has become a library for all of us now. From the school student to the corporate employees, everyone cannot think of a day without google.

From preparing essays to programming in any language will be possible with google. I could see most of the people having google as a home page. By going to the next step, everyone started using google chrome as their default browser in which directly we can type our search term in the address bar which makes our work easier than ever.

This google revolution made a varied change in our life style. It acts as a gateway for all the sites making our life and work easier and smooth. In addition to its web search, we also have separate search options for images, news, videos, maps. My frequent search will be for web, images and maps.

In our androids too, google extended its contribution as google play store which is the repository of all the apps. Changes is inevitable in all our human life. Google plays a right role in it and based on our life style changes, it adopts itself to deliver a good user experience to all of us.

* Prompted by #worldwithoutgoogle of Indiblogger

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  1. So very true..Gone are those days where we refer books..Google is much needed entity nowadays..