Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Last Breath..

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Termination of our life - Death. I am sure that most of us wont be thinking of it when we are living. This is kept as a big suspense, and one day or the other this mystery will be breaking out. When I was very young, my maternal grandmother used to say me, we should die without troubling others. As I was very young to realize the meaning which she says, I will be just nodding my head. Now, when I saw my paternal grand father who died with lot of medicinal problems, my mother putting lot of efforts for him, frequent hospital visits etc I realized the fact in my grandma's word. Now I started thinking about my last ages. How it could be? will it be worse or fine? will I give trouble to my son or my family? Every question remains unanswered till the point of my last breath.

Anyway, we dont know the real circumstance. But, we have a power of imagination. Lets imagine a small incident which might be happening before a day of my last exhalation.

One fine morning, I woke up late after 7 in the morning. As it is winter season, climate was very pleasant. To my astonishment, for the first time in my life, my husband was carrying a cup of coffee for me. I wondered a lot and we drank it with a cute flashback of our memories. After finishing my morning duties, I went to my puja room for prayers. Offered lot of flowers, chanted soothing mantras and prayed well. Unusually, everything went on fine.

Once it is done, I went for preparing my breakfast when i received a call from my son who is staying in a seperate home with his wife and daughter. This was also new for me as he wont call me in the morning. With a curiosity, I attended it. He told he is about to arrive to my home and take myself and my husband with him to Dakshin chitra in ECR as his daughter was urging for. My grand daughter was in her mid term holidays. As she compelled her father, he took a leave and along with his family ready to take us too.

I was overjoyed to see my grand daughter after some days and waiting for the moment. His four wheeler came, we all get into it. Having a nice chat with everyone, we reached the spotted place. There, some function regarding martial art were happening. With a nice chat with my grand daughter and also answering to her curious questions, i was seeing that. Later we finished seeing it, I had a wish to go to prithyangira temple which is near by. But for sure I could not go as my son and my husband wont agree to it. Still, I thought of proposing my wish to them. Another surprise was waiting for me when both of them told yes to it.

After a long time, we went to that temple. I meditated there, also told the stories about the goddess in the temple to my grand daughter. Being there a while, we started to our home. Again our conversation started. That time, i felt a slighter pain in my left side of my back bone. I dont want to break the happiness of all. So, I managed to tolerate it as it was bearable. My grand daughter and husband slept, son was driving the vehicle, daughter in law and myself were sight-seeing outside the window. All the memories of my life was sliding before me. I was thanking to god for giving me such a good life and also for supporting me in all pain.

We reached my home safely. Entered with a fullfilment. I asked my son and their family to stay for a night as its weekend the next day. I took bath and sat down in my favorite sofa. Again a big pain came at the same place as before. Its going on untolerable. Shouted a lot. My son and husband came closer nervously. I am losing all of my memories slowly. One thing I was very happy as I didnt troubled anyone. I made everyone happy on my last day. Holded my son's and my grand daughter's hand tightly. Lastly, I greeted everyone surrounded me for backing me by folding my hands. I left my last breath. My journey came to an end.

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  1. This is very deep Hema! Future is intriguing because its predictable..