Tuesday, May 26, 2015

At first sight..

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I was not a believer of love at first sight till I experience the feeling. Love differs in its meaning with different persons. For me, love is a strong affection which can be felt only when we get exposure to the person. But, that proved me wrong after meeting that important person in my life.

A small flashback...

That was a fine morning. As my husband was working in hyderabad, I was in chennai with my mother and sister. I went for walking for half an hour. By that time, My sister started to her office. Finding some ways to kill the time, I was chatting with my mother.

Suddenly, I got a pain in my stomach and informed my mother. She called her sister for help and we three started in an auto. But, my pain vanished completely and I was feeling very normal. But still, My mother didn't leave me. As we started, she told why do we need to go back. So, we decided to confirm there is no wrong with me and then to reach our home.

To my astonishment, I again got severe pain in the hospital and they asked to admit me. Thank god! I carried my insurance card with me. I handed over it to my mother who need to take care of it as I was admitted inside.

I was not allowed to go or even walk anywhere. I was arrested in the room with all the amenities. Only my mother and her sister came some time to see me. My mother too disappeared some time to get me medicines.

Suddenly, heavy pain was arising. I could not even tolerate. It was unbearable. I was shouting like anything. As this is an usual scene in the hospital, no nurse cared for my screaming. A time reached when I could not even cry. I was feeling thirsty after shouting a lot. But I was the only person in that room. At times, a single nurse will come and check me. She was also missing for a long time. Time struck 1 in the early morning. Next day came. Again, I started to outcry. I could hear some foot steps. I got relieved. But, fearing that they will again walk away, I started to cry over.

Very heavy pain cropped up. I was suffering in a great pain which I cant even condone. Being helpless, Started to pray God. At last, my prayer was answered. By 2.15, my pain came to end and I could hear a sweet sound of a baby crying. I was in sub-conscious mode. Curious to know which baby is it. After half an hour, I could see a nurse carrying a baby covered with a towel, coming closer to me. It was mine. Its solely belongs to me, its my pleasure, its my life. With eyes opened, he saw me with a cute smile. yes. He is baby boy.

That time, I admitted I have fallen in love. It was my love at first sight. I started believing in it from that moment. The same point, a mother in me born. I could feel lot of care, kindness, love and affection on him whom I met for the first time. I felt myself blessed. All the pain in me got lost. Also, the love and affection on him will be immortal till my death.

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