Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dedication to My First Expert

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I thank god for giving me this opportunity and I take this moment with a great pride and honor to share my feelings and memories about a special person in my life. My land of earth is filled upon the footprint of this special, significant and pivotal lady. Can you guess who? Yes. Its none other than my mother, Shanthi Kannanwho has sacrificed her life to bring me up in this society with lot of responsibility and care.

A day comes in most of the women’s life. A moment comes when a women is about to be converted as a mother. In tamil, delivery of a women will be termed as “Prasavam” which is actually meant as rebirth. Each and every women is getting re-born and giving birth to her child. My mother did the same. After expecting me for a long time, even after 10 months, she was awaiting with a lot of patience for the instant for seeing me. Consuming the full day of her pain, I saw the first portrait of my mother. Nurse after cleaning me, wrapped me with a towel, and showed me to my mother who is actually still in pain. But still she will say she can’t forget the moment when we both had an eye contact as I didn’t do it for the nurse. That moment gave rise to an awesome relationship which is everlasting.

From the day 1, she is always with me standing behind me for my growth. She is ever ready to grant me her helping hands whenever I am in need. For all my pains, she was the first friend stood behind me. For all my problems, she is my best guide. For all the happiness and growth of me, she will be a proud audience.Whenever I am crossing the hurdles, she will be holding her supporting hands with me.

From the instant I am born, as every mother, she was also facing a tough time to handle me. With sleepless nights, she was continuing the journey of a mother. First crucial decision for her is regarding my education. We were in small place in Chennai which can also be considered as a outer part at that time. Though it had good growth now, that time, it was like a village. There was no bus facility, no good schools, no market etc. But still she did a courageous decision of sending me in a CBSE school which was running in kolathur and was around 5 kms from our place. She will take me by a cycle cycling me all around, drop me in the school, reach home. Again after 3 hours, she will do the vice versa.

She had lot of affection on me. She fulfilled all my wishes. But she was still strict when I am choosing a wrong path. Like an ideal teacher, she will give me affection and care, teach me good lessons and punish me at the right time.

She used to tell me “If you can’t, who can”. She is my motivation factor. Also, her other point is “There is no impossible in you. Change it as I’m possible. Everything is possible”. She implanted a courage, faith and confidence in me steadily which is still guiding me in all the situation I face.

I turned 15 years while I was studying tenth standard. We were going to Lord Krishna temple which was near by to our home. We will do prayers and enchant mantras there.One day, we were informed that there is a competition in a school regarding Lord Krishna topics and the guys in the temple stressed me and my sister to participate in that. They insisted me to take the speech topic which is also related to Lord Krishna. I just gave the topic to my mother who came up with a good speech collecting all the points. But, I was not interested either to go or to speak as we had a family function on that day. Nevertheless, my mother and a guy from the temple forced me and took me there. I mugged up my mother’s writing and spoke there. Once I am done, I informed the guy and started from there.

To my astonishment, around 5 in the evening, the same guy entered my home with a big price in his hand. I was in top of the world. This is all because of my mother’s good writing skill which offered me such an honor.From spirituality to cooking, I learnt from her.

Another vital part of my life arrived where I need to choose my course for graduation. We were not a family of upper class. We were, as everyone mentions, from lower middle class. At that time, the default answer for all the students completing their HSC would be engineering as is of today. Also, I took computer science group in my HSC and passionate to become an engineer. I got good marks of around 93%. But, as a middle class, this is too hard for us to achieve even having a good marks and cut off.

I anticipated that once I complete the course, I will reach a respectful position in the society and also make my family proud of myself as I am the first engineer from my family. Also, I am interested in programming. To my surprise, only one person stood by me to achieve my aim. She is my mother. Everyone from my family was against my option. Some of them told there will be no job even after completing engineering. Some told it will not be affordable. Some went to the core and told once if I not get my dream comes true, I will suicide. My mother asked me to behave like a deaf and neglect all the wordings. After facing lot of obstacle, we got funds for my studies and I became a software engineer by scoring first class in my graduate.

I was the first to receive the offer letter and joining date from my campus recruited company in my college batch. I joined the MNC which was my long term dream and ambition. A girl from a lower middle class acquired a responsible and dignified position in a multi national company which was like a fantasy happened in life. Its like dream comes true. The company invited my family for the joining formalities. My parents and my sister accompanied me in the big park, Olympia tech park, guindy. I am very much satisfied that day as I gave a proud moment to my darling, my mother, who struggled a lot to see me in this position. Her prayers were answered.

As everyone plans for their first month salary, I had lot more. But, my mother guided me in a varied but also in a genuine way. She urged me to offer half of my salary to lord krishna who made all the wonders. And, with the rest of it, she got sweets and dresses for all my family members who gave their blessings and support to me for my successful completion of the degree. This made myself glad to receive all their blessings which is crucial for our life.

The succeeding stage in my life arrived. Obviously, Marriage. She received a numerous horoscopes. Actually, she knows to read the horoscopes and find the matching horoscopes. She rejected many and at last came up with one which suited me in all aspects. Everyone liked the same which she came up with. This became the first and last horoscopes which matched me as the alliance got fixed. With all of our family's support and approval, my marriage got fixed with my husband, Anand.

Most of the mother used to refuse her daughter for the going outing with her would-be. This will tempt the daughter to lie and behave dishonest to her mother. But, my mother avoided this situation. She gave full of freedom which insisted me that I should not go wrong in any situation. I went with my fiancee to many places. I never hidden things to my mother.

Everything went well with all of their blessings, we got married and blessed with a boy baby by 2011. He turned 3.5 years now. still her support has extended to me in taking care of him. As I am going for work, it is she who is accomplishing as a baby sitter for my kid. I am happy that my kid will grow up with a proper guidance and utmost care.

Mother's love is endless. We have no proper word in any language to describe it accurately. Instead, we could only feel that. Expecting to spend a splendid time with her. In our modern India, as many days were induced newly from western culture, mothers day is also one among them. Though it is not aware in many cities, it is widespread in metropolitan cities. Lets all take this as a fortunate moment and celebrate the soul who sacrificed her life for our life.

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  1. Wow! Awesome post..Through thick and thin mom encourages us like no others!

  2. This is well written. It is true that mothers stand by their children throughout their life. But it is the children who often neglect mothers in their old age by settling abroad, etc. I am sure you will not do it, but many do.

    Destination Infinity

    1. @Destination Infinity, Thank you so much.. :-)