Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vaadi Rasathi: Comeback of Jyothika

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I am having triple damakka in writing this post. One is this is my first movie review in my blog. Other is I am starting with a movie that is one of a few movies came for women. Last but not the least is this is my favorite actress's come back movie. I have already mentioned in my older post as Jyothika was my darling during my college days. I didn't expect she will come back with this much good and powerful movie for a women. Thanks to suriya for producing this film and also to making Jyothika to come again.

Lets move on to our review section.

Jyothika, working as a clerk in revenue department, her husband Rahman working as an RJ in a radio station has a 13 year old daughter. Story starts with the visa interview of Jyothika to ireland. "How old are you?" the key question of the movie arises from that moment. As she is 36 years old and the age qualification for the job which she has applied is for 35 years, her visa will be denied. Disappointment starts from there, which will be continued in lot other situation too she faces. From her husband played by Rahman and daughter,  to the society, she continues to face difficulties and obstacles. Her support is her colleague and her in-laws.

Couple of the scenes depicts her concern for her growing age. For example, her daughter's friends calling her aunty which leaves her in a combination of pain and anger. Sudden twist came for her in the form of president. She became one day guest for president and was provided with full of security. On feeling herself being over secured, she will get fainted there and will be admitted in hospital. There after, everyone starts making fun of her which makes her family and herself feel very bad about it.

Leaving her in chennai, her husband and her daughter plans to go Ireland. This makes her heartbroken and dreadful. But, unexpected twist came out when she meets her old college mate Susan. After hearing her motivational speech, she regains her lost energy. She again get a chance to meet the president for her deserving action and makes her family proud of her.

The story is one line. A normal middle aged women winning back from all the obstacles she faces. But the movie is filled up with  same cute and innocent expressions of Jyothika which keeps the film hot and crisp. Another plus for this movie is dialogue. Writer Viji has served as a back bone in this movie and came up with good touching dialogues which leaves most of the lighthearted persons like me in tears.

Some cliches were there. Still, Jo's screen presence filled out all the gaps and I could see everyone enjoyed a lot. Also, this will be one of trade marking movie for all the women. Lets all enjoy it and make it a grand success. Only after that, we could get this type of women based movies..

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