Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rules: only to break or to follow?

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This post is mainly dedicated to all the pathetic drivers of chennai, in particular.

I am not sure about other city's drivers or traffic as I am born and settled down in chennai. Though, I have visited some cities as a tourist, I was not driving there. So, the experience as a driver is not that much familiar for me outside chennai. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I am having suzuki access 125 which I will drive for my office to and fro. The incidents which i face daily by driving in these road make my mind so worse that my pulse rate will be high most of the time I drive.

First and foremost is I need to mention about the indicators which is actually an unseen item in the vehicle for most of the people. While going through the turning and curve, some will go left, some will drive left without using their unused indicators. I will be thinking that those were only used for doing pooja in some auspicious day not for usage purpose.

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Another pivotal thing is giving way to ambulance. To make others give way, siren is activated in ambulance. But, our heros will make that as a way and also overtake the ambulance to reach their destination fast.

Many young peole will think our chennai corporation roads as a circus stage and do all kinds of the circus actions in it. They wont even consider others are also driving and the road is meant for driving and not for all those gymnastic works.

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Another annoying one is Horn. horn is, as of I know, its meant for indicating that we are arriving so that others will be cautious enough. But, just as every one have a thumb for pressing it, horn is used that too sometimes continuously by creating a big noise pollution as if our ear drum will tear. Once, I met in a signal. That time, no one can move from their place. But, a middle aged guy was pressing his horn continuously. Even though he pressed the horn, every one standing over there are helpless for him to move. Then, what is the pointing in pressing it and creating a big scene over there?

Speaking about the signal, I need to mention another point here. That is, obeying signal rules. We know, we have 3 lights in it. Red, yellow, green. Except for the signals in the main area or police protected area, other signals are left as it is and people pass by without obeying it.

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                                     Watching others behaviors while standing in the signal will be very interesting and at times, irritating too. Some will keep on increasing their accelerator thereby creating a big sound which will be very worse.Why this much reaction while standing at the signal. Why cant we take that 1 - 3 minutes as a time for relaxing? Instead of annoying everyone, instead of increasing their own BP level, why cant we just maintain silence? These questions will be left unanswered.

Other dangerous thing is mobile phone usage while driving. I understand one of the indispensable thing with us now is our mobile phones and its head sets. Can't we be devoid of our mobile and its head set at least while we are driving? how much risky is it? In addition to the mobile users, the co-drivers will also be affected in some cases.

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I will dream of many things all day. This is also one of my long time dream that when our city get rid of all these small things. This may be small things. But, it will be resulted with a serious consequence. Do we all ready to change our self as a family is behind us..

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  1. Traffic rules must be implemented more harshly..Otherwise people will just carry on what they do..