Monday, May 25, 2015

Purambokku engira pothuvudamai - Film Review

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This is my first movie with my son. I was very thrilled enough to see his expression in theater as he will shout at me when i switch off the lights even at night time. But to my surprise, he was enjoying the movie and allowed me too.

Movie review:

            This movie is a product of a key director S.P.Jananathan who started his career with a national award winning movie Iyarkai. In this movie, he also turned as a producer with his production house Binary Pictures. This is an another social activist movie from his direction.

              Entire plot runs between four - Arya played as Balusamy an activist and communist, Vijay sethupathy as Yemalingam an experienced Hang man, Shyam as Macaulay The police office and Karthika Nair as kuyili an activist and communist working along with balusamy. Balusamy has been accused of death sentence for waging against Indian army. 

He is transfered from Tihar jail to chennai central prison with full protection. Yemalingam has been forced to hang death sentence accused balusamy though he was already facing a trauma for his previous experience in hanging a wrongly convicted person. kuyili plans to help him to escape from the jail for which she seeks the help from yemalingam. 

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              Deliberating that he will also get escaped from doing the work of hanging, he assured her to help. Whether Yemalingam escaped from his work? did kuyili is successful in implementing her plan? did Balu escaped from jail and his punishment? is Macaulay strong enough to fulfill the punishment for balu? all the questions are well answered in the film. Movie runs with thrilling scenes. That too, the last 15 minutes moves with an electrifying effect. So emotional it was.

              Songs could have been somewhat better. It was not that much appealing. 

              Arya has underplayed in his role. Though being one of the top hero's  in Tamil industry, he continues to play along with many heros without any ego. After Ullam ketkume, arya and shyam's combo worked out well. Vijay sethupathi is typically a mass in this movie. Karthika has played her part extremely well making a difference as an usual heroine. 

              This is worthy seeing in the theater.

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  1. Good review..Not giving out all the suspense..

    I'm became huge fan of Vijay Sethupathi after watching Soodhu Kavvum movie..He is such a versatile actor!!!